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Q6 Blog

A record of events, activities and our work with the Q6

Wednesday 19th June 2019


A dismal rainy morning at Grosmont yesterday but it brightened up and got quite sunny and warm later on. Steve Hyman, Nigel Hall, Ian Pearson and myself made their way through the rain for an early morning cuppa. During the morning we also had a brief visit from Paul Hutchinson and Angie to collect some bits for the K1, and from Jon Bradley who was on driver training to Whitby. Jon brought in the last piece of the bench near the stove which he is going to fit later this week. Bill Dobson also made a brief appearance.

After a lot of chitchat we finally got on to some jobs given to us by the shed fitters for the T2, which is currently on wash out. One was to grease the locomotive and tender brake gear, and the other was to fit chains to the inside of the tender locker doors. While Nigel started sorting out the paint locker, putting some part used cans in his van to take to Hopetown, and doing a general tidying up, I did the monthly defibrillator check. Down at the running shed, Steve got started on the locker doors and Ian set about finding a decent grease gun. By the time he had found one in working order, it was lunchtime which was had in Deviation Shed.

After lunch Nigel painted Jon's bench with the red gloss paint used on the other benches in the building. Steve fitted a chain to the fireman's side locker door on the T2, but the driver's side will have to be done next week (if the engine is still on shed!). Ian and I completed greasing all the brake gear although it did involve repairing our own grease gun and borrowing one from the railway. Ian is firmly of the view that we need a new grease gun and should scrap some of the ones we have.

The Class 37 is having its motors repaired in Deviation Shed on No 7 Road at the moment. MPD management had taken pity on the diesel fitters trying to work outside in the heavy rain of last week and had asked to move it into Deviation Shed so they were under cover. The S160, now named Omaha, has moved out of Deviation Shed and is in the running shed where it remains with a non operational air brake. A replacement is apparently on the way from the Isle of Wight Railway where air braking is the norm. So no running in as yet prior to its move to Dartmouth. The S15, No 825, now looks very smart with all its cladding on, after being painted and lined out by John Furness. William Parrish says it is now nearly finished, but, as we know, those last bits can take a seemingly interminable time to completion. No 29 is also looking almost ready, with cladding and side tanks installed, but still awaiting its cab. The J27 was stood, in steam, outside the running shed for most of the day, before moving down to Grosmont Station in the sunshine for the 1630 trip to Pickering.

There was a steady stream of visitors to Deviation Shed during the day, although many did not stay long once they saw the Class 37. The new turn out for No 6 Road has now been delivered to New Bridge and is being assembled by the PW Dept. No date yet for its installation, but once done it is likely that No 5 will then be moved out for its long awaited assessment. Dame Vera Lynn frames are due to be moved in shortly and will go on No 7 Road, as they have requested pit access. It will though be kept mobile at all times and will move out once we need the space for our own locomotives.

Locomotives running yesterday were 5428 Eric Treacy which was swapped with the Standard class 4 No 76079 at lunchtime, Schools Class Repton, No 961 , B1 1264 which was swapped with the J27 for the 1630 to Pickering, and Class 25 Diesel D7628 on the last run to Whitby.


Wednesday 5th June 2019


Ian reports a fine cloudy day with some bright intervals at Grosmont today, with Bill Dobson, Jon Bradley, Paul Jameson and Ian himself. Kettle on and the usual cuppa and a piece of coffee cake specially made by Paul’s wife Maggie - a real treat. I missed out again!

The T2 had been stopped on Monday lunchtime with a broken right intermediate spring which was changed on Tuesday. Barney provided a list of other smaller jobs to do today, which Bill, Paul and Ian got on with, while Jon got on with the seat he was constructing around the stove. He also got a coat of paint on the seat and backrest. The jobs on the T2 were to repair a steam leak on the pressure gauge union at the manifold, the reverser indicator in the cab was very slack and needed attention, and the righthand injector delivery pipe in the cab was leaking. Paul shimmed the reverser indicator and repaired the leak on the pressure gauge union at the manifold. Bill repaired the righthand injector delivery pipe. Ian found that the righthand intermediate cork was missing again. This has been giving trouble for quite some time, so, a week ago, Ian shortened a step stay bolt to see if that would solve the problem. Obviously it hadn’t, so today the bolt was put in upside down which has a flat head and doesn’t protrude down very far. The engine was moved around the yard a few times and the cork was still in situ and not sheared off. Fingers crossed that it has been finally sorted.

Lunch was had outside Deviation Shed today alfresco. Bryan Orange arrived after lunch to assess with Paul Jameson the changes needed to the fire exit doors, and also with Luke, the NYMR's electrician, regarding new LED lighting in Deviation Shed. On the Railway, the J27, Black 5 Eric Treacy, No 926 Repton and D7628 Sybilla were in traffic. The S160 was in the MPD Running Shed on No 5 Road and lit up this afternoon for a steam test tomorrow.

There will be no working party next week, 12 June, as neither Bill, Ian, or Jon are not available.


Wednesday 29th May 2019


Ian Pearson reports a fine sunny morning today, but cloudy later, at Grosmont with Bill Dobson, Ian, and, later, Jon Bradley. Bill brought a wreath which he fitted to the smokebox door in memory of Derek Norris who passed away on Saturday morning.

T2 No 2238 passing Deviation Shed with the 1130 to Pickering carrying a wreath in memory of Derek Norris on 29 May 2019 - Ian Pearson

Ian noticed that the right hand intermediate side rod cork had sheared off. It was hitting the top step stay bracket securing bolt, so Ian removed the offending bolt, cut about 1/4” off, replaced the bolt and tightened it up. A new cork was fitted. He checked the cork later after a run to Pickering and back, and the new cork was still in situ and in one piece. Jon had an 8x4 sheet of plywood delivered from Wilf Noble of Ruswarp which Ian and Bill carried up to Deviation Shed from the MPD. Jon arrived about lunchtime with more wood for the winter rest room that he is constructing round the stove. He had also brought some old breeze blocks which Bill and Ian have put outside the east of Deviation Shed. These may be useful for the pathway or wall when the fire door escape route is completed.

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed with quite a few visitors popping in, although there was not a lot to see as No 7 Road is now clear of locomotives with the move out of the S160 to the MPD. After lunch Jon worked all afternoon on the benches around the stove, while Bill and Ian cleaned the pit out and looked around for some mesh type material to fit into the sump to protect it from getting full of ash. They couldn’t find anything suitable so Bill is going to acquire some next week. The pump gave a lot of trouble today: sometimes it worked OK and sometimes it wouldn’t. It must have been taken to bits half a dozen times, but it did work eventually. Sorting this out took up most of the afternoon.

The J27 was still on washout, with the T2, 76079, 926 Repton, 80136 and Diesel 26038 Tom Clift working trains on the Gold timetable.

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Wednesday 22nd May 2019


Ian reports a lovely fine sunny day at Grosmont yesterday with Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall and Ian in attendance. There were also social visits from Jon Bradley who was driving Repton all day, and Roy Marshall who was getting information and photos of the J27 for a railway modelling company.

After the usual cuppa, Bill and Ian went down to the MPD to work on the T2 which was inside No 5 Road. Barney was working on the fireman’s side clack box and Adrian Dennis was working on the front safety valve. Bill worked all day on the right hand front and rear cylinder cock carrot valves, while Ian fitted both of the steps stays. A delivery of 2 firebox side bars for the K1 were off loaded, marked up, and stored on the racks at the side of No 4 Road. As part of the review of fire safety in Deviation Shed, Nigel removed all the bolts from both fire doors in the workshop to make them legally compliant. He also made some adjustments to the latch on the east door as the latch was difficult to open. Further work is planned so that this door opens outwards, and an additional fire exit door is to be installed in the roller shutter door at the south end of the building once the S160 moves out. Lunch was had on the bench in Deviation Shed.

After lunch, Bill carried on with the cylinder cocks carrot valves, and Ian worked on the T2 lubricator which had a missing bolt on the front right hand side. After dismantling all the feed pipes and the drive, the lubricator was lifted and moved slightly backwards. Barney then tapped out the hole where the missing stud should have been, and refitted the lubricator back in position - many thanks to him for doing this. Nigel cleared out the space under the workbench by the stove, and with help from Bill and Ian, the J21 chimney that was stored there was moved out and put near the cage pending removal. It is to be offered to the J21 group initially, failing which to the new build G5 (or as Chris Cubitt said Class O!). Nigel then stacked all the coach brake blocks neatly and quite a few other items. He also washed up all our pots.

The J27 was in traffic working the 11am and 2pm from Pickering as it had been from the beginning of the week. It is however, shortly due to be stopped for its 28 day washout. Also running were 76079, Repton and D7628. There were also quite a few visitors in Deviation Shed during the day.


Friday 17th May 2019 - Rocking Grate


Mark O'Brien writes:

Today I have been busy with finishing the rocking grate mechanism.

Locked - Mark O'Brien

Unlocked - Mark O'Brien

Rocked - Mark O'Brien

Now it’s all together and working I have a few modifications to make and a few things to finish up and tidy up. But other than that it works fine.

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