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J72 Blog

A blog of activities relating to the J72 69023 'Joem'.

Thursday 29th March 2018



Arthur  Jenkins breaking concrete within the smokebox. The front sandboxes and most of the cladding have been removed - Nigel Hall


Some of the components removed from the locomotive - Nigel Hall


Work begins on general overhaul of J72


On Thursday 15th March, work to dismantle the J72commenced.

Last Updated on Saturday, 07 April 2018 10:14

The boiler inspector visits Hopetown


On Monday 19th February our boiler inspector visited Hopetown to examine the J72 with John Graham, our CME, and Fred Ramshaw, the J72 locomotive engineering manager.

The wear of the firebox tube plate was a concern to him. Though he is prepared to sanction a retube and use up until the 25th August, (the locomotive's withdrawal date), he considers that course of action a possible expensive risk with no guarantee of success. His advice was to withdraw the locomotive now and begin the ten yearly overhaul, finances etc. permitting.

The committee will discuss this matter at its meeting on 12th March.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 February 2018 00:13

Boiler tubes removed


On the weekend of 27th and 28th January, Mathew and Callum Storey removed the tubes from the J72 boiler.

The final tubes at the bottom of the boiler need to be chopped into 2' lengths for removal. Mathew Storey wields the gas axe - Nigel Hall

Tim Williamson awaits the next tube being extracted by Mathew Storey whilst Callum Story hammers the firebox tube end - Nigel Hall

The end of two day’s work - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 February 2018 12:38

J72 hauls Tea Train


The morning train arrives at  a busy Finghall - Maurice Burns

The Wensleydale Railway and Upstairs at Institution, Bedale are running of a regular high-class afternoon tea service. Teas are served in the London and North Western Railway Directors’ Saloon.

Maurice Burns took some photographs of the train. The loco crew were driver Terry Newman,fireman Steve Foxton and trainee, Neal Hueting.


The train at Rakehall - Maurice Burns

The tea train at Harmby - Maurice Burns

The tea train at Harmby - Maurice Burns

The tea train at Harmby - Maurice Burns

The London and North Western Railway Directors’ Saloon at the rear - Maurice Burns

At Wensley, the J72 passed the old boiler house - Maurice Burns

The J72 at Wensley - Maurice Burns

At Wensley, the train heads on for Preston under Scar - Maurice Burns

Last Updated on Sunday, 24 September 2017 12:05

J72 Stopped with Leaking Tubes


The J72 is currently not operating on the Wensleydale Railway because of some leaking tubes. Urgent action is being taken to remedy the situation and get the locomotive back in service as quickly as possible.

10th July Locomotive ran "magnificently" over the weekend. Boilersmith's attention expanding the tubes seems to have cured the problem

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 20:28

First Service Train


The 13.38 arrival drawes into Redmire - Nigel Hall

After an earlier test train and footplate experience day, the J72 hauled its first scheduled passenger service of the season to Redmire today.


Joem departs Hopetown for Leeming Bar


Crossing the field - Nigel Hall

Today the J72 left Hopetown after winter maintenance and headed for Leeming Bar.

Malcolm Simpson slowly pushes the J72 to the loading point - Nigel Hall

Colin Bowman and Steve Gibson struggle with the compressor used to start the shunter - Nigel Hall

Loaded, time to reposition the tractor unit - Nigel Hall

Into the field - Nigel Hall

Through the gate and onto the road - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 May 2017 14:30

The Steam Test



Testing the safety valves outside the Hopetown workshop - Nigel Hall

Today the J72 was steamed to the boiler inspector's satisfaction. The loco then pushed the shunter up the slope to make its way to the running line for a little running in and to check out most systems.

Driver Terry Newman pushes the shunter to the first headshunt whilst Tim Willliamson and Fred Ramshaw watch - Nigel Hall

Doug Blyth, Tim Williamson with point clamp, Fred Ramshaw with bar and Terry Newman changing the point - Nigel Hall

Terry Newman reverses to the bogie bolster wagon - Nigel Hall

Terry Newman waits whilst Fred Ramshaw,  Tim Williamson and Doug Blyth change the next point - Nigel Hall

Fred Ramshaw checks the motion from the step as Terry Newman drives up to the last point. Malcolm Simpson is in the distance ready to couple up the yellow waggon - Nigel Hall

Free at last, the J72 trundles along the running line - Nigel Hall

Tim Williamson, Terry Newman and Doug Blyth watch in as Fred Ramshaw starts along the running line - Nigel Hall

Back again, everything working well - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Friday, 12 May 2017 16:08

The Big Shunt


Today was the day of the big shunt where the vehicles in the Hopetown workshop were re-ordered ro enable the J72 to be steamed and later for the J27 boiler to be delivered.

None of the vehicles had moved for a while so there was a degree of uncertainty as to what we might find when we tried to move. Fortunatly there were no surprises.

Ian Pearson riding the step of the J27 in order to observe the motion  - Nigel Hall

Steve Hyman watches the J27 being hauled to the running line - Nigel Hall

The J27 and tender on the running line  - Nigel Hall

After preparatory work and oiling up, the J27 and tender were extracted and parked on the running line. The shunting crew then went for lunch whilst the J72 fitting crew completed the fitted of the side rods to the locomotuve; an excellent piece of 'just in time' production. The J72 was then hauled to the head shunt for the next stage of sortiing.

The J72 on the running line with the J27 tender in the head shunt  - Nigel Hall

Jonathan Bradley signals the distance to go to driver Malcky Simpson as the J27 enters the head shunt  - Nigel Hall

All alone on the running line, the J72 awaits shunting back to the workshop - Nigel Hall

At he end of a long day all vehicles had moved and were safely back in the workshop in the correct order, with the J72 ready for a steam test on Thursday.

Many thanks to all who contributed to a very successful day.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 May 2017 08:33
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