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J27 Blog

A log of activity concerning the J27.

The Boiler Returns from Crewe


An early start to today's working party. With the crane in position, the cab was lifted and placed on a rail trolley.

Richard Pearson and Paul Hutchinson struggle to free the cab bolts - Nigel Hall

Free at last - Nigel Hall

The cab parked in the head shunt on rail trolly. Harry Sams struggles with ladder - Nigel Hall

At 10:30 the boiler arrived. All hands to the unloading of the loose components.

The boiler arrives. Ian Matthews assists unloading of components with the A1 fork lift- Nigel Hall

Boiler lifted, low loader departs - Nigel Hall

By 11:00 the low loader was ready for departure and the ash pan fitting gang ready to start, and after an hour's struggle the main action was about to begin.

Ash pan fitted, the boiler is slowly lowered into frames - Nigel Hall

Uh huh, found the first problem - Nigel Hall

Richard Pearson adjusts crinolyn band with grinder - Nigel Hall

That's better, it fits at cab end - Nigel Hall

Down we go, Trevor Wilford rests his weary bones on the GWR chimney - Nigel Hall

However, this was just the start of the struggle to fit the smoke box over the saddle. At the end of the day, the boiler is back on and all the components taken to the workshop. There will be lots of work to do during the comming weeks.

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 December 2017 22:11

Visit to Crewe


The J27’s boiler was successfully lifted at LNWR Crewe on Wednesday 17th May for the trial fitting of its ashpan.

27 Boiler lift LNWR Crewe 17th May 2017  Ashpan trial fit -Dave Pennock

J27 New smokebox front LNWR Crewe 17th May 2017 -Dave Pennock

27 Boiler lift LNWR Crewe 17th May 2017 -Dave Pennock

The boiler works are now complete and final fabrication work is in progress on the smokebox. The move of the boiler to Hopetown is now expected during June.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 April 2018 22:06

Saturday at Hopetown


Today we have been machining new fitted bolts for the slide bars. These were bought in as blanks with the fitted diameter rough turned and the thread finished.

The blank after the fitted diameter has been machined and the flats machined on - Neal Woofs

The bolt being set up to relive the thread - James Pearcy

James Pearcy mills the flats - Neal Woods

The finished job - Neal Woods

We also did some painting of the new tender tank, bolted the tank down to the frames, tapped out the water flange holes and measured up for the studs for the water flanges.


Boiler Progress


Chris Lawson and myself visited Crewe on Wednesday.

New smokebox arrival and inspection LNWR Crewe Richard Watins (centre) Chris lawson (right) 15th February -Dave Pennoc

Good progress is now being made with the J27 boiler overhaul at LNWR heritage at Crewe with completion still forecast for the end of March. The accompanying photographs taken on 15th February show the boiler retubing and various backhead, foundation ring and mudhole door refurbishments nearing completion.

Lower washout plug showing holes drilled for corner foundation ring studs 15th February - Dave Pennock

Refurbished mudhole door LNWR Crewe 15th February - Dave Pennock

Firebox 15th February - Dave Pennock

Old mudhole doors - refurbishment in progress LNWR Crewe 15th February - Dave Pennoc

Clack boxes whistle and gauge glass protectors delivered to LNWR Crewe 15th February - Dave Pennock

Front tubeplate. Retubing progress 15th February - Dave Pennock

 Mudhole refurbishmnet and new copper stays 15th February - Dave Pennock

Backhead flanges and studs refurbishment 15th February - Dave Pennock

New smokebox arrival at LNWR Crewe 15th February - Dave Pennock

A complete new smokebox will be provided. The existing chimney will be reused but fitted with a new petticoat and steel lining. Coincidentally the new smokebox door arrived on site the same day. The main steam pipe requires expanding within the front tubeplate and this awaits the delivery of a new tool for its completion.

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 February 2017 17:10

J27 Tender Tank Delivered to Hopetown


On a cold grey miserable day the new tender tank arrived at Hopetown and was parked up next to the line by the crossing.

The tender tank arrives at Hopetown - Nigel Hall

The day had started a few hours earlier earlier in Middlesbrough with the loading of the newly painted tender at Dockside Industrial Services.

Preparing to load the newly painted tank - Ian Dunn

On the lorry - Ian Dunn

All tied down - Ian Dunn

Then the action moved to Hopetown.

Waiting by the line for Malcky to arrive with the frames - Nigel Hall

The tender frames are alongside, time to prepare for lift - Nigel Hall

After rotation, the tank is lowered to the frames - Terry Newman

Aligning the sump - Terry Newman

Ttrevor Wilford directs the lowering on to the tender frames - Nigel Hall


Terry Newman directs a slight repositioning of the frames - Nigel Hall

Trevor Wilford pinning the locating holes - Nigel Hall

Harry Sams pins the other - Nigel Hall


The tank safely on the frames; Terry Newman explains next move to the driver - Nigel Hall

Nearly there; Roy Marshall, Trevor Wilford, Les Harper and driver Malcky Simpson - Nigel Hall

Past the Builders Arms - Terry Newman

Through the compound gate and down the slope - Terry Newman

Safely into the workshop  - Nigel Hall

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 April 2017 16:38

Tender tank in primer


Some photographs taken at Dockside Industrial Services on Friday.

Left hand side - Ian Dunn

Right hand side showing slight inperfections where baffles are welded - Ian Dunn

Front of sump showing the flange for attachment od pipe to water valve, the sump access hole and the plug for hose access - Ian Dunn

Rear view of the sump - Ian Dunn

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 February 2017 20:42

Valve Setting


The LH valve assembly being adjusted to make that valve openings correct. No adjustment was require to the valve rods - Neal Woods

The LH valve being fitted today - Neal Woods

Valve fitting complete - Neal Woods


The Blasted Tender Tank


The new tender at Dockside Services being grit blasted to remove the mill scale - Neal Woods

Another view of the new tender at Dockside Services being grit blasted to remove the mill scale - Neal Woods

Last Updated on Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:43

Tender Tank Fabrication Complete


The completed tender tank on a trolly in Adam Dalgliesh's yard - Terry Newman

Adam Dalgliesh has completed fabrication of the tender tank. Today it was pulled from his fab shop and loaded onto a lorry to be taken for blasting, priming and to have a heavy duty paint coat applied to the sump and baseplate.

The cavelry arrive - Terry Newman

The old tank, now home to a family of gruffalos - Terry Newman

The old tank is dragged out of the fabrication shop - Terry Newman

And starts to rust in the Stockton rain - Terry Newman

Lifted from trolly - Terry Newman

And lowered onto wagon - Terry Newman

Ready to depart to Dockside Industrial Services - Terry Newman

Past the old tank - Terry Newman

Last seen heading for Portrack Lane - Terry Newman

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 February 2017 20:42

Valve Setting



Neal scribing the wheel first step in the process - Janes Pearcy

The quartered wheel - Neal Woods

James Pearcy with the valve trammel - Neal Woods

Neal Woods scribing the valve opening onto the tail rod - James Pearcy


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