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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

4th March 2017


Unfortunately a small turnout on Saturday resulted in only a couple of jobs being done.

Steve singlehandedly washed the boiler barrel and foundation ring out following completion of the outer wrapper repairs. This was no mean feet and included removing 10 or so rivets that had got themselves wedged into the LH front corner of the water space.

Mike and Chris spent much of the day cleaning the trailing coupled axleboxes (the trailing coupled wheelset having being removed by West Coast late last week and assisted John Graham in checking the condition of the boxes.

Unfortunately it was not possible to progress the reassembly of the engines as had been hoped.

There was no working party on Tuesday as only one offer of help was received.


25th February


We had a frustrating day yesterday with slow progress on most of the jobs we were attempting.

The RH valve crosshead is now sorted but the valve is still to refit. Both pistons were removed but we only had time for a very cursory inspection. From what we have seen so far all looks to be in order.

The new lifting blocks are now in place but still need securing.

One of the objectives for the day was the removal of both trailing loco springs. We did not start this until around 16.00 but thankfully this was one job that went well and both were removed by 16.45. Not a bad effort all things considered. There were, however a number of jobs we needed to do on Saturday that did not get done.

One thing we did do was take delivery of the new cooker (and got rid of the old one). Many thanks to Neil Smedley for sorting this out and to Mike Bloomfield who is going over to meet the gas fitter tomorrow.

The new boiler plate work will be welded in starting tomorrow and the repair should be completed by Thursday, following which the loco will be moved down to the wheel drops for removal of the trailing wheelset.

The aim is to have the loco reassembled sufficiently to allow a steam test at the beginning of April. There is a hell of a lot to do between now and then. Unfortunately no one has offered to go over on Tuesday. If we are to complete the winter work in time for the loco to leave Carnforth at the end of April we must do better.


18th February


We had a pretty good couple of days last weekend. The valve crossheads were trial fitted following the adjustments made to correct the valve alignment problem.

The LH crosshead, after further minor adjustment was a satisfactory fit which enabled the LH valve to be refitted (after cleaning the valve rings and final cleaning of the heads). The RH crosshead requires a bit more work but should be ready for its final fit by next weekend.

Progress was also made in fitting the new lifting blocks by carefully truing the radius rod lifting block bearing surfaces. Final fitting of the blocks is now very close.

A number of reassembly preparation jobs were carried out and one rocking grate firebar was changed.

The outer wrapper repair is progressing well and is likely to be completed late this week/early next. Whilst the repair will be mag particle and ultrasonically tested shortly after completion the required hydraulic and steam tests will not be undertaken until the end of March to fit in with the rest of the winter work.



11th February


We had a decent day on Saturday. By the time we left, a little later than usual, the loco was in a fit state to be moved with the hornstays and springs refitted to the leading wheelset. We did not have time to get the brake pull rods or the lub pipes back on but we should sort them this weekend.

Work to repair/renew the blower ring brackets, replace the blower pipe bracket and refurbish the primary screen fixed top rail were also completed.

On the coach the guard's compartment has now been undercoated apart from the outer door which is in need of repair (Chris Henwood's uncle has kindly agreed to do this).

Unfortunately there was no working party on Tuesday as no one volunteered.

The repair work to the outer wrapper has not started yet as we are waiting for final insurance co approval but this will hopefully come through shortly. The loco is however now in the repair shed and work will start as soon as the approval comes through.

We are doing another full weekend this Saturday and Sunday (you could do either day or both) and we really do need to get some mid week working parties on the go - I am not panicking yet but it is only a matter of time.



5th February


We had a good couple of days last weekend with 7 of us there on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Many thanks to all who took part.

Thanks too to all who offered to go and look after John Graham and the insurance co on Monday.

Over the weekend progress was made with a few smaller jobs and after a bit of a fight with the valve extracting gear both piston valves were removed. The rings were removed from the heads and the heads cleaned.

The back valve covers were also removed and cleaned and the liners were cleaned. The back covers were then refitted and the valves temporarily replaced without their rings.

This allowed the alignment to be checked and adjustments to the valve crossheads are now being made.

Since the weekend the insurance co have inspected the area of the firebox outer wrapper to be repaired and the new plate will hopefully be fitted over the next two weeks. The leading coupled wheelset is now back under the loco (fitted by West Coast on Tuesday) and this Saturday's main job will be refitting hornstays, springs, lub pipes and brake pull rods.




28th January


We had a mixed day on Saturday. Progress was made on a number of jobs but owing to problems with the piston valve extractor the valves have still not been removed.

It was good to be joined by 4 of the Juniors who not only got stuck in with some useful work but seemed to enjoy the many attractions that Carnforth has to offer. (Photos on Juniors page)

After closer inspection we have decided to re-metal the RH leading coupled axlebox (we were just going to do the boss face) and the defective boiler plate work has now been removed. Our insurance co wish to examine the boiler with the platework removed before West Coast complete the repair.

Unfortunately I only had one response for a mid week working party so it has been cancelled but I am very grateful to Neil Smedley who has agreed to organise the acquisition, fitting and testing of the new cooker for the support coach. We might have someone to do the joinery repairs to the coach too.

As the programme has slipped a little with the problems with extracting the valves and the lack of mid week working parties, we are doing another full weekend this coming Saturday and Sunday. I also hope we can do a mid week working party next Tuesday.


21st January


We had a good day on Saturday with completion of the annual backhead valve checks/maintenance, removal of the reach rod to facilitate the outer wrapper repair and the cleaning, measurement, stripping down and checking of the leading coupled axleboxes (West Coast removed the wheelset for us last week). Rolly also managed to make some progress with decorating the guard's compartment in the coach. Not a bad effort for 4 people.


17th January


We had a good weekend working on the K1 with a good turnout both days (8 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday) and resultant steady progress being made. The boiler is now fully prepared for its annual cold exam and the leading coupled wheel set ready to come out. West Coast will put the loco over the wheeldrops and remove the wheelset this week. Good progress was also made with a number of other "smaller" jobs.

We had hoped that our boiler insurance company would allow the permanent repair to the firebox outer wrapper to be deferred until next year but we have been unable to agree this. We have therefore agreed the extent of plate work to be replaced and are currently in the process of agreeing the appropriate specs and procedures. West Coast will be carrying out the repair work on our behalf and this should commence very shortly.

There will be no mid week working party this week but I am hoping to organise Tuesday working parties from next week. There will certainly be a working party this coming Saturday so of you are available for ether Saturday or Tuesday (both would be even better) then please let me know.



9th January


We had a good day on Saturday with con rods and coupling rods removed from both sides, the concrete arch removed and cleared away and the back head valve winter maintenance almost completed.

There will be no mid week working party this week but we are working both days this coming weekend. Please let me know if you would like to come along either day if you have not already done so.

In addition to work on the loco at Carnforth we are also carrying out maintenance and decorating work to the coach. One particular area where we could do with some help is in acquiring a new cooker, getting it fitted and arranging the gas safety certification for the coach. If you are willing to take this on then please let me know.



4th January 2017


Happy new year.

After the Christmas break work on the K1 will continue this Saturday when we will be carrying on stripping the loco in readiness for the leading and trailing coupled wheelsets removal. We also need to remove the RH back sands box - should be interesting!

We will be doing a full weekend on 14th/15th Jan - you could do Sat, Sun or both days as the co car will be returning to Darlington/Teesside on Saturday evening.

I would also like to start mid week working parties, one day per week from next week. If you are available to work mid week, either regularly or just occasionally then please let me know, specifying whether you would prefer to work Tuesdays or Thursdays (Wednesdays are out as the co car is required for Q6 working parties).



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