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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

Saturday 17th February 2018


We had a very good turn out over the weekend at Carnforth and good progress was made. Bryan and 4 juniors spent the whole weekend working on the K1 boosting the total numbers to 10 on Saturday (including our CME, John Graham) and 8 on Sunday.

West Coast had put the trailing wheelset back in last week so we were able to continue sorting the hornstays and bolts out. This was progressed far enough to allow the the ashpan linkage to be refitted. We now just need two new bolts to fit (which should be ready for collection later this week) to allow the trailing springs to be refitted. Work also continued with the valve liner honing. The LH has now been completed and a good start has been made on the RH. The grate was refitted, John G inspected the firebox, the blower pipe was removed to facilitate the replacement of the flange, the reverser catch bush removed for replacement, the vacuum lock shoes removed for replacement of the top pin. In addition the above a number of securing jobs were completed and most of the cleaning jobs have now been completed.

There will be another working party this Saturday - despite the good progress last weekend we are still well behind programme so a good turn out is needed.


Saturday 10th February 2018


A mixed couple of days at Carnforth last weekend despite a big turn out (8 of us at one point).

Honing the LH valve liners has now been completed. We will have to find a way to speed up for the RH if we are to get them done in time. The tender spring hangers have been removed so that we can paint the tender frames when the weather warms up a little, the axleboxes were refitted to the loco's trailing wheel set in readiness for putting the wheelset back under the loco. The horn wedges have however been removed for truing (now done) and these must be returned before the wheelset can be refitted (see below).

The trailing wheelset hornstay bolt holes have now all been reamed where necessary and the new bolts ordered. In the smokebox the blower ring has been removed to enable a new flange for the supply pipe can be manufactured and fitted.

In addition to the above cleaning of various components including the LH valve covers and tender frames was completed.

One job that had to be deferred again was refitting the grate. This must now be done next weekend.

The next job will be to return and fit the axlebox wedges for the trailing axleboxes. In order to refit the trailng wheelset this week the wedges must be returned and refitted tomorrow. I will be going to do this after work, departing Teesside at approx 16:30. If anyone would like to join me I would be very grateful. Refitting the wedges will not take long so I expect to be back to Teesside by 21:30.


Saturday 3rd February 2018


7 of us ventured to Carnforth on Saturday. We had a mixed day with progress with the valve liner honing, completion of servicing the drain cocks, good progress with the backhead valve exam/servicing and reaming out a number of distorted bolt holes for the trailing wheelset hornstays (the new bolts for these have now been ordered).

All tender axlebox brasses were also removed and examined. Only the leading pair require any work (re-ending) which is better than expected.

On the down side I had hoped to refit the grate and put the trailing axleboxes back onto the wheel set, following completion of the contract work undertaken by West Coast. Unfortunately neither of these tasks were achieved.


Saturday 13th January 2018


4 of us went to Carnforth on Saturday where we had a satisfactory day. The loco's trailing coupled wheel set was prepared for removal (driving axle boxes packed, both springs removed, axle box lub pipes disconnected, all hornstay nuts "cracked", rear brake pull rods and hopper door linkage removed). Most of the parts removed have also been cleaned and stored.

West Coast removed the trailing wheel set on Monday.

There is another working party on Thursday to progress the valve liner honing job and to clean the trailing wheel set and axleboxes ready for inspection on Saturday.

There will also be the usual Saturday working party when it would be nice to see some "new" faces. We are still behind programme and we could do with good attendances over the next few weeks to try and get back on track


Saturday 6th January 2018


Last weekend's working parties went quite well.

Further progress was made with honing the piston valve liners, the RH piston was de-carboned and cleaned, the steam heat valve refitted, the union link pin bushes were removed from the crossheads ahead of replacement, all of the crosshead clearances were measured and recorded and the tender was jacked, packed and all springs removed.

Those of us who did the full weekend had another excellent evening in Lancaster. It was almost worth the trip over just for that.

During the course of last week West Coast made a start on replacing the centre hopper of the ashpan and it is anticipated that this work will be completed this week. We will then be able to refit the grate.

There will be another working party on Saturday. The main job will be preparing the loco for the removal of the trailing wheel set (which is to be removed next week). We will need a minimum of 4 people to do this but unfortunately some of the Carnforth regulars are not available so if you are able to attend it would be very much appreciated.

The is also to be a working party on Thursday 18th Jan, principally to progress the valve liner honing but there is plenty of other work to if you would like to attend. As I said in last week's e-mail we are now behind programme with this years winter maintenance so I would be very grateful for any help you can give, even if it is just one or two trips to Carnforth.

In addition to the above we need to get the OTMR recorder down to Arrowvale in Redditch, Worcestershire. We can send it by courier but it costs quite a lot owing to its relatively high replacement value. If anyone is heading that way in the next week or two and would not mind dropping it off then please let me know. It is not heavy or bulky.


Saturday 23rd December 2017


There were six of us in attendance at Carnforth on Saturday where me made steady progress.

The die blocks have now been refitted, honing of the valve liners is progressing and the cab windows have been removed in readiness for removal of the top of the cab.

We knocked off early for a pre Christmas pint which was taken in Kirby Stephen. We found this lovely little town seems to be let down by the distinct lack of a decent pub but we enjoyed it none the less.

There will be working parties this Saturday (30th Dec) and the full weekend of 6th and 7th Jan when you could do either day or both.


Saturday 30th December 2017


Happy New Year.

There were 3 of us at Carnforth for the last working party of 2017 on Saturday.

Progress with honing the valve liners continued and the cab removal prep work was completed (other than removal of the hand rails which have been left on until the last minute for safety reasons).

We are working both days this coming weekend, when the honing work will continue, the refurbished steam heat valve can be refitted and the tender will be jacked and packed to allow all axlebox brasses to be examined.

If you are able to come and join in, it would be good to see you. You could do either day or both. If you do both we will be going to Lancaster for food and a pint or two - most enjoyable last time.


Saturday 16th December 2017


Only 3 of us on Saturday but we made reasonable progress.

The top of the cab is now very nearly ready to be removed, the RH valve liners have been cleaned and measured (the LH having been done previously) cleaning of the LH piston has been completed and the piston head and cylinder bore measured - the piston is now at Flavells, Thornaby for remedial work.

In addition the cladding sheet around the safety valve and whistle bosses has been removed to allow the work involved in machining the faces of the bosses to be properly assessed costed and planned (this will take place in January).


Saturday 9th December 2017


I am pleased to say that we had a very good two days working on the K1 last weekend.

A good start was made on honing the valve liners, preparing the top of the cab for removal and cleaning the pistons. The sealing faces to the mud holes were cleaned, the manifold pipework removed, annealed and stored (other than the blower feed pipe - between the manifold and blower valve - which is getting a little thin and will be replaced) the steam heat valve was removed cleaned and stripped for repair and the clack boxes stripped and examined - other than replacing the steam valve heads and a little lapping in they are fine.

On Saturday evening we decided to dine out in Lancaster, just a short train ride from Carnforth. A lovely evening, fine beer and good food was had by all.

There will be another working party on Saturday when we will continue getting the top of the cab ready for removal and with the valve liner honing amongst other things.

If you would like to join us then please let me know by e-mail to this address or by text/ on phone 07964988551. If ringing on a weekday please do so after 18:30.

The first mid week working party will now be on Tuesday 19th Dec. If you would like to take part then please let me know as above.

The next full weekend working party will be on the 6th and 7th Jan 2018. I will mention this again nearer the time but I am sure you will all want to get it into your diaries now.



Saturday 2nd December 2017


We had a frustrating day on Saturday. Much less achieved that I had hoped.

There were 4 of us in attendance. The engine and tender had been split during a shunt mid-week so we were able to clean the front of the tender and remove the draw bar and safety links. The draw bar has come back to Teesside for straightening, shortening and NDT. We will NDT the pins at Carnforth.

The drain cocks were removed for servicing and cylinder cladding sheets have been removed to facilitate a thorough exam of steam pipes (parts of which are behind the cladding) and an exam of the cylinder castings. Other than that we had a short MIC on changing gauge frame packings and that was about it. Still I suppose we are further on than we would have been if we hadn’t gone!


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