Thursday 25th October 2018

Friday, 02 November 2018 09:31 Nigel Hall J72 Blog

13 signed the book today, plus a visit from Ian Pardy and Stuart Dennis from NYMR. We also had a visits from Bob Grey and Trevor Wilford.

With the K1 components:

All K1 components other than the seats and  windows are in primer.

On the J72:

Since this is likely to be the final good day of the year, I scraped and painted the front door before the wood gets wet. I managed to spill some paint on the floor whilst driving the paint stirrer with a drill. I suppose that it is now floor paint!

We were visited today by John Crabtree,  a potential new member who is a retired steam fitter/machinist previously employed on Strathspey Railway. He has come to live in Thirsk. Arthur showed him around.

Tim Williamson has volunteered to bring the 2 spare springs from Wensleydale next week for cleaning and testing.

Much tea drunk, and a warm fire to gather around again.

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