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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 11th April 2018

Wednesday 11th April 2018

A grey, murky, bitterly cold day at Grosmont, with dense thick fog on the A171 and A169 roads leading to the railway. Those that made it to Grosmont were Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall ,Ian Pearson and myself, and we were joined later by two shed cleaners - Chris Wakefield and Ethan Humble. After the usual cups of tea (and again no more mice to report) we started work with Nigel painting the J27 tender lockers. The new compressor belonging to the Essex Loco Society was in action, with William Parrish and his contractor doing some riveting on the S15 boiler, but, unfortunately for Nigel, the J27 tender is opposite to the S15 boiler and it got very noisy at times - he couldn't even hear the calls for tea! Ian set up hoses ready to wash out the foundation ring. Ethan went into the boiler to remove some old copper ferrules which had got lodged between the inner and outer water space area of the foundation ring. Then he cleaned about four mud hole doors which had rusted up somewhat since last being cleaned. Ian and Chris Wakefield then set about washing out the foundation ring and removing scale which had accumulated around the mud holes. I spent some time down at the MPD assessing the progress of the J27 with Mark O'Brien (separate report to follow). I also made a brew of tea, and lunch was had in Deviation Shed . Our two cleaners then left as they had been on duty since 5am.

After lunch I assisted Ian and completed the wash out, which included Ian getting soaked from a splash back. Bill went off to the stores for some door joints, but, as there are three different sizes on the Q6, Charlie Dore brought a box full up to the shed where he and Bill fitted all the doors with joints. In the meantime I cleaned most of the remaining doors - there are two left to clean. Ian fitted two wash out doors while Bill fitted six doors.

We have been told the cutters are now completed so we should get the last of the flue chamfers cut shortly. The required copper ferrule is also reported as being ordered. Once delivered then we can start putting tubes into the boiler! The elements are also being worked on by Mathew Storey and should be ready for collection in the next week or two. The big end bearing has still not been machined because of priority having to be given to work on bearings for 80136, but it has been promised yet again for next Wednesday.