North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saurday 14th April 2018

Ian reports that Spring had sprung at Grosmont on Saturday, with blue skies and sunshine. Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford, Alan Hardie, Nigel Hall and Ian took advantage of the sunbathing weather, although the day really started on Friday afternoon with Bill and Ian loading our last consignment of small scrap tubes onto the NYMR transit. That was successfully done ready for delivery to the scrapyard on Saturday morning, as it closed at 11.30 am. Ian left Grosmont about 9.00am on Saturday and delivered the scrap to European Metal Recycling at Marske by the Sea, with the load weighing in at 0.740 tonnes, bringing in £122.10 and a total of £315.90 for the Q6 fund with the previous load.

At Grosmont there were still no mice to report, and Ian assumed the usual cuppas were consumed as he missed out yet again. Alan Hardie spent all day cleaning scale off the flue tube for our new stove chimney. Trevor was making brackets for the flue tube/chimney so it can be erected and fastened to the wall at the outside end of the workshop just above No 8 road. Should be ready just in time for the summer! Bill fitted 4 washout doors and 7 boiler plugs in the cab area. Nigel got a second coat of gloss paint on the J27 lockers and also some paint onto the underside of plates in the rear cavity of the tender which had been omitted at Hopetown. Another coat was also put onto the underside of the sump. The rear RHS vac pipe bracket was found to be only finger tight and he managed to tighten this up, albeit with some difficulty as it’s almost impossible to reach the rear bolt head with a spanner.

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed with quite a few visitors round watching the consumption by everyone of their snap/bait. After lunch, Ian gave the fridge a clean out as there was a build up water and sludge in the bottom. Then he was asked to show a party of people around the whole of the MPD area. They were relatives of Kieran Murray, the Carriage and Wagon Foreman, who was not available. After taking them round the MPD area, Ian then had to make a sharp exit as he was going to the Sage at Gateshead to see "The Hollies", a great 60's band - no comment!

The elements have now been completed and successfully hydraulically tested by Mathew Storey. Bill is arranging to borrow the NYMR transit again top go and collect them, hopefully taking the J27 old smokebox wrapper to the scrapyard at Marske on the way to earn some more money.