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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 21st April 2018

Saturday 21st April 2018

Another glorious warm sunny day at Grosmont, with Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford, Ian Pearson, Dave Donegan, James Swainston, myself (I know, it wasn't Wednesday!), and, for the first time, Paul Jameson for half a day as he was on a photographers PTS course in the afternoon, then Alan Hardie in the afternoon after his training course in the morning, and Paul Swainston after lunch following his cleaning turn. First job was to brew up the usual cuppas for the team to get them motivated. No cakes today though.

Q6 elements arrive at Grosmont - Ian Pearson

Then it was all hands round the east side of Deviation Shed to unload the 24 new Q6 elements off the NYMR's Transit pickup truck which Bill and Ian had brought back from Ian Storey Engineering at Hepscott on Friday (see photo). These are now safely stacked on the footway between Nos 6 & 7 roads in Deviation Shed. Trevor spent all day making more fittings and getting the stove flue ready for erection in the near future - we are clearly not expecting the current warm weather to last! Trevor had to get another oxygen bottle from the compound as ours had run out: the empty was returned to the compound. Bill brought the LHS big end bearing up from the MPD and with me, Paul J, Dave and James, the bearing was finally fitted. Final adjustments will wait until valve setting is done, as moving the locomotive and tender backwards and forward proved too much of a challenge in the heat.

First of the small tubes being inserted into the Q6 boiler - Chris Lawson

Lunch was had alfresco at the picnic table in the lovely warm sunshine - just like being in Mallorca with steam trains passing by! After lunch it was decided to erect staging at the front of the Q6 so we could put some small tubes into the boiler. That required all hands on erecting the staging, and, as we were up and down to the MPD boiler shop for staging parts, the opportunity was taken to move all the J27 cab flooring down to the boiler shop on our return journeys. It has been stacked adjacent to the locomotive. With James inside the boiler, as he was the slim one yesterday in the absence of Rachelle, 22 small tubes were fitted into the boiler, 11 each side bottom right and left (see photos). Only 134 to go!

First 22 tubes in the boiler - Chris Lawson

On the J27 side of things, the water valve handles from the tender, from which Nigel had started to remove the remnants of taper pins last Wednesday, were drilled out by Dave Donegan. The right hand handle was fitted to the spindle and a split pin put in to secure it but was not opened out. The left hand handle is fastened to its spindle with a piece of wire at the moment, as this requires a small hole drilling in the spindle and then split pinning.

We did have a lot of visitors round the Shed today, also quite a lot of new and older JV's around the MPD learning the ropes.

The new compressor was in constant use by Piglet shot blasting Lucie's frames, and 80136 was on the 1230 'Wedding Belle' departure from Grosmont, and we gave the lucky couple a toast with our tea as the train came past the Shed.