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Saturday 5th May 2018


Angie and I have, this afternoon, returned from Tyseley where the K1's tyres have now been re-profiled on the wheel lathe at the West Midlands Trains' depot. The speedo bracket has also been refitted (removed to access the loco trailing wheelset centres for turning).

The engine and tender are due to be shunted back to Tyseley Loco Works on Tuesday where the speedo will be recalibrated, the engine and tender split and then loaded onto the low loaders for return to Carnforth.

As I have mentioned previously, there is no way we can get the engine ready and up to Fort William for what was to be our first week (the week commencing 14th May). We are, however, aiming to carry out our own steam test this coming Friday so the engine and tender must be reunited, the rods refitted and the boiler refilled by Thursday evening. With the engine and tender due to arrive back at Carnforth on Wednesday morning the big push to get ready for the steam test will be on Thursday (I will be going over on Tuesday evening to ensure that I am there when the engine returns and to set things up for Thursday).

If all goes well with our steam test we are looking to carry out the insurance and VAB hot exams on Tuesday the 15th, a Carnforth - Hellefield - Carnforth test run on the 17th or 18th (subject to West Coast's agreement) and the move up to Fort William on the 19th, again subject to West Coast's agreement.. Between our steam test and the insurance/VAB hot exam there is a lot to do, so we will need a full weekend's working party on the 12th/13th.

I have received some offers of help for some of the above (I will be in touch with those who have offered tomorrow) but more help is needed.