North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 5th May 2018

Ian reports a shorts and T shirt day at Grosmont on Saturday - very warm and sunshine throughout. Even so, you wouldn't believe it, but the stove was lit during the morning - Bill claimed it was just a test fire! Present were Bill Dobson, Peter Ellis, Trevor Wilford, Tom Noble, Andy and Joan Lowes, Bryan Orange and a large number of Junior Volunteers, along with Ian. Saturday was a 'Behind the Scenes Day' on the Railway with the MPD open for the general public to wander round. Our shed was very busy with people looking round. A stall was set up in Deviation Shed selling books, pens, locomotive prints and old magazines which was looked after by Joan Lowes and brought in just over £50. Andy was showing some visitors from Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum round the MPD and Deviation Shed.

Ian and Tom got the diesel shunter started and moved the breakdown coach and van out of the way so that the Q6 could be worked on directly. Bill, Tom and Ian then fitted the right hand valve into the steam chest, involving a lot of pulling, lifting and jiggling around before it eventually went in, making sure the gland follower was on the spindle first. Then the left and right cotters were fitted. Peter and Trevor were working on the stove chimney project, making a lead seal to go around the top of the chimney and the roof to stop the rain coming in (see photo: hope the biscuits weren't still in the tin being used to stand it on!). Trevor made a cowl which will fit to an extension and then be secured to the chimney.


Lead seal for Deviation Shed stove chimney - Ian Peareson

Alfresco lunch was had on the picnic tables outside Deviation Shed. In the afternoon, Bill and Tom got ready to set the valve timing, with Ian driving the shunter, Bill measuring the valve movement, and Tom relaying the movement to Ian, resulting in a lot of back and forward movements. By 4pm Bill had finished for the time being, but there is more to do next time. Then Ian and Tom had to put the breakdown coach and van back on No 7 road. Two JV's, Tom Readman and Alex Tyson were set on needle gunning the Q6 header which Mark O'Brien had successfully removed on Thursday, and cleaning the stud threads and running a die nut down them under the supervision of Andy Lowes. Noah Hunter and Will Harrison painted the pit wall with white emulsion which Bill managed to share with his overalls! The JVs also sealed and bolted the rear section to the cab roof of the S15, along with sand blasting the cab roof fixing bolts/nuts. JV assistance was also given to needle gunning Lucie's footplate grid.

The next working party will be on Wednesday 9th May, by when it might have got a bit cooler and we could need that stove! As well as finishing off the valve setting, there is all the remaining gear that can be fitted underneath now the valves are in.