North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 9th May 2018


Just a short report this week. John Furness completed the painting and varnishing of the J27 on Tuesday. There are one or two small patches under the running plate which are our responsibility still needing attention, but Nigel Hall has those in hand. Nigel has also put a coat of black gloss on the BR style dome which remains in Deviation Shed. The locomotive has now been moved out of Deviation Shed and into the running shed, where a warming fire was due to be lit last night, ready for a second steam test today, essentially to check that the rectification work carried out on the safety valves had been successful and they could be set satisfactorily.

Subject to that, then the official steam test with the boiler inspector is scheduled for the morning of Monday 14th, which will be witnessed by Richard Pearson. He will also carry out a technical inspection on behalf of the Group, as part of the acceptance process. If those are all completed successfully, then it is the intention to keep the locomotive in steam all week for running up and down the yard, and, if that does not throw up any problems, then trips up and down the bank to Goathland in the spare timetable paths will follow as part of the running in process. Assuming all that goes to plan - and there are a number of ifs there - then playtime, for those who have indicated they want to have the opportunity, looks as if it is going to be next week. So be warned please. I know this is not convenient for all, but, dependent on how things go, there may be opportunities later on as running in progresses.

Once we have got past Monday, and have agreed arrangements with Piglet, I will email those concerned directly with the details. If anyone else wishes to be involved therefore, then please let me know before then.

I will circulate further progress (hopefully!) reports over the next few days as events unfold.