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J27 passes formal steam test


Following a second succesful initial steam test last Friday at which the safety valves were set and a number of small rectification jobs identified, the J27 passed its formal steam test today in the presence of the boiler inspector. He pronounced himself very satisfied with what he saw. Richard Pearson was also present, and, with Paul Middleton, carried out an acceptance examination on behalf of the Group. Again, this identified a number of additional small jobs requiring attention, as would be expected after a major overhaul. In the afternoon, the locomotive was run up and down in the MPD yard, and, as no major issues came to light, went on a run up the bank light engine to Darnholm. That revealed no further problems and the bearings ran cool. Paul Middleton was very pleased with the way the locomotive ran and is looking forward to it being available for traffic.

The locomotive is now back on shed and will not be in steam tomorrow so that attention can be given to all the outstanding jobs. It will then be in steam on Wednesday, and possibly on Thursday, for running up and down the yard, and possibly up and down the bank to Goathland dependent on timing and availability of paths. The J27 will be out of steam Friday and over the weekend to allow for a water change, and hopefully will then start banking turns on service trains to get some running in mileage, before then taking charge of the teak set, either later in the week or early the one after. So it should be returned to traffic in the next ten days or so, barring any unexpected problems arising.

The way it has performed in these initial steamings is a great tribute to all those who have laboured so long and hard with the overhaul at Hopetown, so many thanks on behalf of the membership to them all.