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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Monday 14th May 2018

Monday 14th May 2018


The K1 was delivered back to Carnforth last Wednesday, it was reassembled over Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and steam tested on Friday. During this time a number of other minor repairs/improvements were also completed. It was good to joined by Steve Gibson during this time - welcome back Steve.

Unfortunately, whilst the seal weld to the front of the manifold boss was successful at the steam test the loco through another spanner into the works by developing a further leak adjacent to the back of the manifold boss. This was not apparent at the previous steam test or at the post welding hydraulic.

In view of the above the manifold was removed again over the weekend to facilitate further seal welding. Another steam test is now planned for Wednesday. The VAB and insurance functional/hot exams will follow later in the week (Friday subject to insurance co confirmation) and a test run to Hellefield and back and finally the positioning move to Fort William should take place next week.

Once we know that the problems around the manifold boss are sorted (hopefully at Wednesday's steam test) we can refit the cab windows and refurbished seats and complete the repaint of the top of the cab and the rear boiler cladding sheet. Following platework repairs the back of the tender is now also ready for a coat of gloss.