North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Ian reports a cool overcast morning at Grosmont with Dave Donegan, Steve Hyman, Roy Marshall, Bill Dobson (who was a little late due to a hospital appointment) and Ian himself. Quite a contrast with the Lake District where we are basking in wall to wall sunshine from a cloudless blue sky! Back at Grosmont though, it was tea as usual then all hands on the header and main steam pipes.

The two main steam pipes were hydraulically tested and are OK. But the header continues to be very frustrating. After filling with water and all the doggy balls secured, the pressure was pumped up to around a hundred pounds, but the main rubber seal behind the front plate started to pass water into the other chambers of the header, so no pressure could be retained. By the time it was stripped down it was getting late.

So Bill and Ian are going down this morning (Thursday) to re-fit the seal and box it up again and complete hopefully another hydraulic test .

By lunch time the weather had picked up a bit and, with the sun shining, it was lunch alfresco on the picnic benches.

New milling and drilling machine for Deviation Shed from Sean Bowler - Ian Pearson

Sean Bowler has given NELPG a drilling/milling machine to be installed in Deviation workshop (see photo) for which an enormous thank you is owed to Sean. It is apparently quite a heavy piece of kit and will need at least three strong lads to lift into position. Bill would like it at the south end of the workshop, which needs a good clearing out, as there are lots of old scrap items but, among them, some good material to sort out!