North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 30th May 2018

A cold dank day at Grosmont today with very dense fog on the Moors making driving very difficult. In spite of that, Jon Bradley (who forgot the Hobnobs), Steve Hyman, Nigel Hall, Paul Jameson (on holiday at Levisham and travelling on the train), Bill Dobson and myself managed to make it. Roy Marshall delivered the adjusted storm sheet for the J27 which was put to immediate use as it had started to rain just before its booked departure on the 1130 from Grosmont. Ian Pearson called in before his afternoon driving turn to let Bill know where the chuck and tools for the new milling machine had been put for safekeeping, and we also had a welcome visit from Derek Norris.

After the usual cuppa, and a prolonged period of train watching, the NER style dome for the J27 was moved on to a shelf upstairs in the workshop, and, with the help of Phil and the JCB, the Q6 header moved from by the wheeldrop to the south end of No 6 road at Deviation Shed. The blanking plates from the ends have been removed and also moved on to a shelf upstairs in the workshop, tagged and entered in the parts log. The new milling machine was moved into the workshop, set up on the bench at the south end and, with Paul's help, made operational. More thanks are due to Sean for the additional tools and parts he has provided.

In view of the bad weather, lunch was held on the bench in Deviation Shed with a few visitors to chat to and show round. Afterwards, the brake gear between engine and tender was refitted, followed by the steam heat and vacuum through pipes and the brake rigging. The cab floor parts were trial fitted and repaired where necessary: the left and right hand boxes were left in place but the central section removed to provide access to the firebox for retubing. In the meantime, Nigel spent the day cleaning the studs and flange face for the header, in preparation for its refitting once the retubing has been completed.

Elsewhere, preparations were being made for lifting the boiler for Eric Treacy back into the frames tomorrow. Once that has been done, we have been assured that the boilersmith's priority will be the Q6, with the aim of getting the boiler ready for its hydraulic and steam tests once the boiler inspector returns from his holiday in the last week of June.

Repton also had a broken spring, which occurred last night, replaced in the morning and the locomotive returned to service in the afternoon.