North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 2nd June 20218

Ian reports a dull, mild and muggy morning at Grosmont yesterday with Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford, Alan Hardie, Ian himself, and, a little later, Bryan Orange and Luke Perry who came in to fit some of the new Deviation Shed signage.

After the usual cups of tea, Alan was in the smoke box with a drill and flapper wheel cleaning the rust off the large and small tube plate holes as requested by Mark O'Brien. This job has been done several times in the past by members of our working team, but the chemistry of dampness and time on steel creates rust! Alan did a great job and completed cleaning all the small holes and 21 large holes leaving 3 large ones to clean. Hopefully this will be for the last time. Bill and Ian fitted the cab flooring and the blow down cover, and also a box that fits on to the front of the driver's foot step. An old piece of flooring was removed from the tender and has been put aside, near the stove, as it was not known where it belongs. Ian and Bill then fitted a clamp bracket to the vacuum and steam heat pipes but could not initially find the other bracket which is fastened to the ash pan. Trevor had just started to make a new one when Ian found the original one behind the bench seat in Deviation Shed. This was then fitted, but will require some alteration as it catches a grease nipple on a brake rod pin. Bill will have to get Trevor to alter the bracket slightly next Saturday. Bill and Ian also continued to washer and split pin the remaining brake pins on the loco: some pins may need opening out a little more! Trevor completed the fabrication of the stove chimney with a cowl attached, and it is now ready for fitting on top of the flue along with the lead seal. Bill will get Andy Wiffin to do this.

Lunch was had alfresco again as the weather had turned fine and very warm, even though the dark clouds were gathering! Lots of visitors today at the Shed with the J27 running with 5 and 6 coach trains, also the B1 No 1264, Repton No 926 , Standard Tank No 80136 and Class 26 diesel Tom Clift. The rain came down later on about 2.30 pm with visitors sheltering in our Shed.