North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 9th June 2018

Bill reports a select band of volunteers at Grosmont yesterday. With Ian on his Caribbean Cruise, it was left to Trevor and Bill to progress the overhaul. The good news is that the NYMR have fitted all but 24 of the small tubes, and are racing ahead to meet a self-set target date of having the boiler ready for the insurance company hydraulic test on 26th June.

The work of cutting the tubes to length and fitting them is being done just outside Deviation Shed, so the first task was to move the temporary scaffolding and shunt the engine over the pit so that Trevor could modify the hanger bracket that supports the two through pipes. Bill modified the regulator blanking plate to enable the internal steam pipe and joint to the header to be tested later. The regulator gland packing was fitted and tightened. Maurice Johnston paid a rare visit to Deviation Shed, and, over a cup of tea, said that he would like to retain the use of the cupboards he has had for the time being.

Eventually the sun broke through, and became rather hot. The last task of the day was to re-position the engine and scaffolding to enable the boiler work to continue on Monday morning.

In other news, it has been reported that it was raining at Fort William last night (and apparently had been for some time) and the K1 was in the platform at Fort William this morning, ready to depart for Mallaig on its first trip of the Jacobite season.