North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 4th July 2018

In my absence in Australia (where it is bright and sunny in a comfortable 19C - it is their winter after all, but in spite of that it is forecast to reach 24C today), Ian reports a rather dull cooler morning at Grosmont yesterday, but by lunch time it was getting warmer and then, after lunch, the sun shone with temperatures up in the lower 20's! Only Bill and Gordon Wells were with Ian, and he washed up all the dirty mugs of which there were quite a few! Bill took the bottles down to the MPD for water - perhaps we need to try and get our own supply in Deviation Shed? Then time for the usual cuppa. No more mice to report.

William and Martin were working again on the S15 boiler, and the French exchange student was needle gunning the bunker on Lucie. Gordon fitted a new light fitting above the fridge area with a new fluorescent tube. Ian fitted and secured the right hand side injector overflow pipe. Bill and Ian secured and split pinned both bottom slide bars, and Bill also split pinned the left hand side top slide bar. Bill fitted the vacuum gauge in the cab.

Lunch was had alfresco in the picnic area near Deviation Shed, as it was still a little dull but warm. Slow progress with the flues and there are 7 still to fit on the top row. All the jobs the team could do were done, so an early finish by 16.00 hrs. The regulator handle has been left for next week.

Not as many people as last week round the Shed today but still a few. A Class 20 diesel loco arrived from New Bridge in the afternoon under its own power - 20127, named Sir John Betjeman, in London Underground maroon livery. Another Class 20 is due today (Thursday). Both are required to increase resilience of the service if steam has to be taken off because of the fire risk. The J27 left on the 1230 from Grosmont yesterday, after the right hand tender side was cleaned at the platform by the crew to get rid of a long white streaky deposit.

The refurbished steam brake for the J72 has been delivered to Deviation Shed by Steve Andrews and Fred has been informed. Bill is taking it to the Committee meeting on Monday for Nigel to take to Hopetown.

No Working Party this Saturday - enjoy the sunshine. Next Working Party will be Wednesday 11th July.