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NELPG - J27 Summer Holiday on the Wensleydale Railway


The J27 has been a regular performer on the NYMR since it came back into service on 17 May, and has covered over an estimated 2,000 miles. However, with the approach of the peak season Gold timetable, during which it will see little use, with the agreement of the NYMR it has been decided to accept a hire request from the Wensleydale Railway for the end of July/August.

The locomotive has now come out of traffic on the NYMR for a washout and will then move to Leeming Bar next week for its summer holidays. Its first train on the Wensleydale Railway is scheduled for 31 July, running the last two trips on the Purple timetable. It will then form the 10.45 and 14.45 departures from Leeming Bar on the Green timetable throughout August on Tuesdays through to Saturdays. The locomotive will work one final day on August Bank Holiday Monday on the Green timetable before returning to the NYMR later that week.

Operation is subject to the usual caveats on locomotive availability, but, in particular, that of footplate and support crew. These are being provided by the Group as part of the hire agreement, and I am particularly grateful to Richard Pearson for organising all this, and to Terry Newman, James Pearcy and Fred Ramshaw for their help and assistance.

If you are in the area, please do take the opportunity to visit and travel, to support both the Wensleydale Railway and the Group.