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NELPG Locomotives

The NELPG are the owners of 4 locomotives with associations with the North East of England.

  1. K1 class locomotive No 62005
  2. Q6 class locomotive No 63395
  3. J27 class locomotive No 65894
  4. J72 class locomotive No 69023

Associated Locomotives

Over the years, the NELPG have been associated with several other locomotives. In particular:

  1. The NELPG were the custodians of the A2 class locomotive 60532 Blue Peter for 25 years from 1986 until 2011 .
  2. For many years the NELPG were custodians of the NRM Q7 class locomotive 63460, though this locomotive has recently returned to the national collection and is housed in "Head of Steam" - Darlington Railway Museum.

The NELPG undertook a heavy general overhaul of these locomotives which then ran for the period of the boiler certificate.

Termination of The LNER Collection Agreement

The LNER Collection Agreement was signed between the NELPG and Geoff Drury on 24th October 1986. It embraced the Drurys’ collection of 60532 Blue Peter, 60019 Bittern, a coach and a quantity of spares which went on long term loan to the Group. Blue Peter has enjoyed a full restoration to full working order and a highly active 11 year period in traffic in the custodianship of NELPG, and Bittern was cosmetically restored as 2509 Silver Link. In the fullness of time both Bittern and the coach were removed from the Agreement, leaving just the A2 and the spares equipment. Blue Peter is currently beautifully cosmetically restored in BR Apple Green and on public display at Barrow Hill roundhouse near Chesterfield.

NELPG has been involved in the current preparations to return the A2 to her rightful place on the mainline registered list. This has not come to fruition yet, and it is now considered to be in the Group’s, and the A2’s best interests to terminate the present agreement, which will take effect on 24th October 2011, exactly 25 years after the agreement was first signed. The Drury family concurs with the Group’s view that the original agreement has outlived its usefulness and deeply thanks all the members of the NELPG for their hard work, dedication and success in operating and maintaining the collection.

The NELPG has enjoyed a long and harmonious relationship with the Drury family and it is pleasing to report that this is very much set to continue. Termination of the 1986 Agreement is a sensible first step towards new arrangements to ensure the future preservation and operation of the locomotive which, it is expected, should in some form involve the NELPG and its expertise on the A2.

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