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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 18th July 2018

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Bill reports that yesterday was excellent weather-wise, but the noise pollution was severe, with needlgunning, beading over and stay head forming going on in all parts of the site. The Hartlepool Mafia was out in force, with Roy Marshall, Dave Donegan and Dave Whitfield in attendance, supplemented by Derek Shorten and Bill himself. Derek spent much of the day doing a much-needed tidy up of the workshop, while Dave Whitfield put together the toolkit required for the J27's trip to the Wensleydale Railway, and loaded it onto the back of the tender. The J27 is currently on washout, and rostered to work a train to Pickering on Monday. Bill is to split the engine /tender on Tuesday at New Bridge, but could do with a volunteer to assist. Please contact him directly if you are able to help.

On the Q6 itself, the good news is that the final stages of beading over the tubes are underway, with a boiler hydraulic test planned for tomorrow, and to be witnessed by the Insurance Company boiler inspector on Monday. The final preparation of the header was successful, and it is now ready to fit to the boiler immediately after the hydraulic exam on Monday.

If the hydraulic is successful, this will release much work, and working parties will be back to Wednesdays and Saturdays till the jobs are complete. In the meantime, no working party this Saturday, with the next one on Wednesday 25 July (so the Q6 will not, after all, be in traffic by the time of my return from Australia!)