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Home News News and announcements J72 visits Wensleydale Railway

J72 visits Wensleydale Railway


The J72 is visiting the Wensleydale Railway for the summer. See the timetable on the railway's web site for details of operations. More photos added 3/8/2012.

Sunday 1st July: the first Swale Bridge Explorer of the day returns to Leeming Bar - Richard Pearson

The Wensleydale Railway proposes to operate th following services: 

 'Swale Bridge Explorer' passenger shuttle

This service will operate from Leeming Bar to Ainderby, topped and tailed with a diesel locomotive. Up to four 45 minute round trips each day dependent upon demand. Services would interlace and connect with services on the WR main line to Redmire.

The J72 crossing the Swale at Morton on Swale 1st July 2012 - Iain Cordeux

'Steam Up The Dale' passenger shuttles

These will operate on the Leyburn to Redmire section on days when the normal services are not running. This would involve hauling the J72 and train from Leeming to Redmire, with a water stop at Leyburn, and then 2 or 3 topped and tailed shuttles during the late morning early afternoon, before diesel haulage to Leeming Bar. The diesel hauled segments will be available to passengers.

Fireman's view towards Bedale - Richard Pearson

Photographic Charters

Two dates are proposed for Photo Charters.

Driver Experience

It is proposed to run 5 days of driver experience – a mix of full and half day courses with two days allowed for 1 hour taster sessions.

On shed at Leeming - Fred Ramshaw

Some images from the Anniversary Weekend

Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July marked the 9th anniversary of the Wensleydale Railway reopening to passenger traffic. To celebrate, a series of shuttle trains tan between Leeming and Ainderby Steeple, with the J72 on the western end. By good fortune, the Saturday was a fine day. Unfortunately, Sunday was overcast with thundery showers. Maurice Burns captured the following images on the Saturday

11:00 an the J72 eaits to depart whilst volunteers build the 40 miles of pennies on Leeming platform, 30th June - Maurice Burns

The J72 crossed Swale Bride at Morton on Swale  with the 13:15 train 30th June - Maurice Burns

13:30 and the J72 has returned to Leeming - Maurice Burns

14:45 and the J72 again heads across the Swale Bridge with it's next train - Maurice Burns

Proving trial to Redmire

On Saturday 7th July, with Fred Ramshaw on the regulator and Jason Brown with the coal shovel, the J72 hauled a 3 coach DMU on a proving trial to Redmire. Terry Newman and Neal Woods travelled as passengers in the first coach.

Peter Shields talking to fireman Jason Brown who is building up the fire for departure from Leeming - Nigel Hall

Neal Woods chatting with driver Fred Ramshaw prior to departure - Terry Newman

Entering Bedale - Nigel Hall

Taking water at Finghall Lane - Terry Newman

The view from the road at Finghall Lane - Terry Newman

Arriving at Leyburn - Nigel Hall

Peter Shields watches for the guard's signal to depart Leyburn - Nigel Hall

Approaching Redmire with Fred Ramshaw at the controls - Nigel Hall

Permanent way work after Redmire, passengers need to catch the replacement bus service - Nigel Hall

The J72 returning from the western end of the run round loop - Terry Newman

Joem runs round at Redmire - Nigel Hall

Approaching the train from the eastern end of the run round loop - Terry Newman

With Penhill in the background, Joem waits to depart on the return journey - Nigel Hall

all coupled up and preparing for departure from Redmire with Penhill in the background - Terry Newman

Awaiting departure from Leyburn - Terry Newman

On 2nd August 2012, the J72 pulled a rake of Mk1s to Northallerton.

J72 at Springwell Lane crossing end of Castle Hills loop, Northallerton - Fred Ramshaw

J72 at Springwell Lane crossing, the stop board is the Wensleydale Railway-Network Rail boundary - Fred Ramshaw

J72 about to depart with its train from Castle Hills loop - Fred Ramshaw

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