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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 15th August 2018

Wednesday 15th August 2018

A warm but rather cloudy morning at Grosmont with a good turnout - Bill Dobson, Ian Pearson, Steve Hyman, Derek Shorten, Dave Donegan, Nigel Hall and myself, along with Tom Noble who was on cleaning duties at the MPD.

As usual, cups of tea all round, and a new stock of chocolate digestives to keep us going. Then we found out that the Q6 had failed a steam test for the second time. On Tuesday, with about 40lbs on the clock, 6 small tubes were found to be leaking. These were expanded at 5am on Wednesday morning and the Q6 then lit up again. By late morning, it had 100lbs of steam on but when the boilersmith checked the firebox, 3 small tubes on the left hand side of the box were leaking, so the fire was thrown out again and the engine left to cool down. The plan then was for Chris Kelly, the boilersmith, to go in at 5am this morning and expand the leaking tubes and then have another go . At the time of writing I have not heard whether that was successful.

As a result, Derek and Nigel set about cleaning and painting the valve covers, while the rest of us worked on the ejector which had been left in the machine shop several months ago, on the understanding that the shed fitters would refurbish it. But now we are undertaking this job. So yesterday the body of the ejector was gritblasted and NDT'd by myself, as well as some of the other small components. Dave stripped the chamber side drain part of the ejector, gritblasted it cleaned it out and reassembled it, and then I did an NDT on it. All NDT inspection was OK and photos taken for the MPD records. In the cab, the valve that supplies steam to the ejector from the manifold has now been removed as it is a water valve, and a blank has been fitted for the time being. The old valve has been taken away by Steve Hyman in order to get a new steam valve replacement.

Lunch today was in Deviation Shed with quite a lot of visitors around and money going into the repositioned donations box, to make it more obvious .

Some more tannin was requested for the J27 at the Wensleydale Railway, and a large bag full has been sent with Nigel, who was going to deliver it today. A request from the Wensleydale Railway to extend the stay of the J27 is being considered. To fit in with a 28 day wash out, and its motive power requirements in early September, the NYMR has agreed that it could stay to operate up to and including Friday 31 August, with it returning to New Bridge on 3/4 September. However, a final decision is dependent on whether the necessary crewing can be arranged, and Richard Pearson is now pursuing that with the Wensleydale Railway.