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J27 return


The J27 will be returning to the NYMR next week from the Wensleydale Railway. The tender is due to arrive at New Bridge, Pickering on Tuesday and the engine itself on Wednesday. They will then need to be connected up, in a reverse of the operation last month for its departure.

Once connected up, it is intended that a warming fire will be lit, preparatory to its move back up to Grosmont on the back of a convenient service train. It will then have a 28 day washout and full check over, before returning to service, hopefully towards the end of the week beginning 10 September.

In the meantime, the J27 suffered a second broken engine driving spring on Tuesday (see photos). It therefore missed service yesterday while the spring was changed, but was back in operation today.

J27 RH Middle Driver broken spring - John Midcalf

The broken spring removed onto Leeming Bar shed floor - John Midcalf

Arrangements have therefore been made for the two broken engine springs to be collected from Leeming Bar today so they can be despatched to Owens Springs with the minimum of delay for refurbishment/replacement.

Piglet visited last Thursday with the Channel 5 documentary film crew, so watch out for that when it is broadcast, probably early next year, and the Yorkshire Vet filming people were due to be filming the J27 at Finghorn today, so watch out for that as well - the new series has just started, also on Channel 5.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 September 2018 22:29