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Home About NELPG Committee Reports Report of the Committee meeting held 11th June 2018

Report of the Committee meeting held 11th June 2018


Minutes of the meeting of NELPG Ltd
7.30 pm, 11 June 2018
Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Centre

Present: Chris Lawson (in the Chair), Richard Wheeler, Nigel Hall, Paul Hutchinson, Martin Lloyd, Bill Dobson, Colin Foxton and Roy Marshall.

Also present as an observer was Ian Storey, who was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

1. Apologies for Absence – John Hunt had apologised in advance. Richard Pearson had sent his apologies via Paul Hutchinson. Martin Lloyd and Chris Lawson apologised in advance for absence from the July meeting.

2. Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting - The minutes of the 14 May meeting were not yet available. Action: Chairman.

4. Matters Arising – as the actions of the May meeting were not yet available, no matters were raised.

5. Finance

5.1 The Monthly Finance Report had been circulated by the Treasurer. The following points were noted:

5.1.1 The expenditure on the K1 this winter had reached £21,266. In discussion it was noted that more invoices were expected. Volunteer expenses had totalled £1,000.

5.1.2 No invoices had yet been received for NYMR work on the J27. The Treasurer asked who would approve mileage run by the J27 and, following a ‘phone conversation with Richard Pearson during the meeting, it was confirmed it should be him, as he would continue as J27 caretaker. Action: Richard Pearson.

5.1.3 Q6 expenditure was within the approved budget.

5.1.4 In common with the K1, a total winter maintenance figure would be produced for each of the other locomotives. Action: Treasurer.

5.1.5 In order to improve communication to the wider membership, a regular finance update would be provided for News. Action: Treasurer and John Hunt.

5.1.6 Some £17k revenue had been lost to the K1 as a result of the fire risk in the first allocated week. Bluefin had been consulted about a potential claim for loss of income and this would be followed up. Action: Chairman.

6. Locomotive Update

6.1 Locomotive Sub Committee – Bill Dobson had spoken to Paul Hutchinson, Richard Pearson and Fred Ramshaw. They were likely to be meeting in the next week. Action: Bill Dobson.

6.2 Locomotive Overhaul and Maintenance Policy –Nigel Hall would take on the preparation of a draft long-term strategy to address NELPG needs in respect of overhaul, engineering, volunteers and succession planning. Action Nigel Hall. For this, Nigel requested provision of the Group “family tree”, showing the relationship between our various officers. Action: Chairman. He also asked for copies of the various legal and statutory requirements (e.g. boiler regulations) with which we need to comply. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

6.3 Paul Hutchinson offered to review the current Locomotive Maintenance Policy (LMP) and amend it to cover all 4 locomotives fully. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

6.4 Q6 – Bill Dobson reported that some 140 of the small tubes had been placed in the boiler, along with several flue tubes. The hydraulic test for the boiler inspector had been arranged for 26th June. NYMR was anxious to have the locomotive ready for the peak season Gold timetable. Next winter’s work was likely to include a boiler lift, examination of the grate, atomisers, new steam pipes and a cylinder re-bore. It was agreed that the Q6 would be withdrawn at the end of October. Action: Bill Dobson.

6.5 The Q6 would be repainted into its ‘as built’ livery next winter. Nigel Hall outlined a number of potential approaches to deal with lining, tender lettering and numbering. He would consider and set out the preferred method. Action: Nigel Hall.

6.6 J27 – Arrangements for the launch train were discussed. The crew was to be Terry Newman and Jon Bradley. Dave Pennock had filled the 5-coach teak set to 80% capacity to allow for any last-minute acceptances. Priority had been given to accommodating Hopetown regulars. It was agreed that the Blue Star would be fitted to the smokebox door. Action: Chairman.

6.7 The locomotive had been performing well on NYMR trains and was currently on washout. There had been questions as to the matt finish of the smokebox from Maurice Burns. This had been because of the unavailability of heat resistant gloss paint and a response would explain the reasoning to Maurice. Action: Chairman.

6.8 K1 – The locomotive was earning revenue now – a problem with the LHS injector was likely to be resolved shortly. Paul Hutchinson explained that the fires on the WCML and Rannoch Moor had affected some 105 trains, hence WCRC’s understandable reluctance to use the K1 before the advent of rain in the West Highlands. Although inspection at Carnforth had revealed no concerns with the ashpan or spark arrestor, on arrival at Fort William, it was clear that there had been a fire in the ashpan en-route - there was distortion of the front hopper and the spark arrestor had been subject to considerable heat. This damage had now been rectified.

6.9 J72 – The 3 quotes from Adam Dalgleish were discussed. It was noted that there was no inclusion of a replacement smokebox, and that any use of a steel firebox would need engineering approval, since this was a divergence from the original design. It was reaffirmed that before any quotes could be considered, the boiler should be lifted and the longitudinal stays removed to allow a full assessment by the boiler inspector and potential contractors, to provide estimates for repair in accordance with our procurement procedures. Fred Ramshaw should be advised accordingly. Action: Chairman. Once those had been received and considered, the overhaul plan and forecast expenditure would need to be put to an SGM for members approval. It now seemed unlikely that this could be done by 14 September as originally planned.

6.10 Given Hopetown RO/keyholder plans for holidays, Hopetown working parties would be coordinated between Nigel Hall and Steve Hyman. If cover could not be provided, working parties would be cancelled and working members notified accordingly. Action: Nigel Hall.

6.11 Locomotive Hire – NYMR had offered a meeting on 14th June. This date was not convenient to Richard Pearson, who needed to be present. The Chairman would ask Richard for his availability and notify NYMR that 14th was unsuitable. Action: Chairman.

6.12 Bill Dobson raised concerns about NYMR water treatment. It was agreed he should speak to Paul Middleton direct. Action: Bill Dobson.

6.13 It was agreed that the contract for use of the K1 could now be sent to WCRC. Action: Chairman.

6.14 LNERCA had requested use of the Q6 in October. It was agreed that the locomotive would be made available and that no mileage charge would be raised. Action: Chairman.

6.15 The Wensleydale Railway was very keen to hire the J27 for their summer season. Paul Middleton was relaxed about losing the use of the J27 and had realised that the Gold timetable diagram planned for the locomotive using the teak set, also involved haulage of other heavier service trains. It was therefore likely that the locomotive would only see occasional use if it remained on the NYMR during that period. However, there were some doubts as to whether we could realistically provide the necessary support (crewing, maintenance, FTR) on the Wensleydale Railway. Fred Ramshaw and Richard Pearson would be consulted. Action: Chairman.

7. Health & Safety

8. GDPR Update

8.1 After a brief update from Colin Foxton, it was agreed that proposed letterheads and electronic signature protocols would be circulated by correspondence. Action: Colin Foxton.

9. Communications & Consultation – through lack of time this was deferred to the next meeting.

10. Review of Articles of Association – because there was insufficient time for discussion, it was agreed that a draft set of articles and a timetable would be circulated for comment. Action: Colin Foxton. Even if the revised Articles were not complete in time for a September SGM, and there was nothing available for the J72, it was confirmed that a September SGM would still be necessary to approve expenditure on the K1 overhaul. It was indicated that this was now likely to be more extensive and expensive than previously indicated, but full plans for the overhaul, a draft motion and supporting notes would be provided for approval at the July Committee meeting. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

11. Any Other Business – there was no time for discussion of other business.

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