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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Thursday 13th September 2018

Thursday 13th September 2018


The K1 has almost finished its work on the Jacobite for this season - just two days to go as I type this e-mail. The loco and coach are due to return to Carnforth on Monday 17th Sept.

The loco's mainline certification comes to an end in January. Before the boiler can see any further service (anywhere) it must be removed from the frames in order to attend to the defective weld in the RH throat plate washout plug boss and to replace a number of copper stays in the fire area (the stays are sound but their heads are worn). As an alternative to carrying out a full and costly overhaul now the Committee has agreed to seek Group approval to extend the mainline certification for a further 3 years subject to the above mentioned repairs and the boiler otherwise being deemed fit for further service. You will receive further information on the proposal, including notice of the necessary Special General Meeting in the near future.

In the meantime, work preparing the locomotive for examination will start shortly after the loco returns to Carnforth. The first full working party will be on Saturday 22nd Sept with the aim of carrying out a boiler washout and removing the concrete arch.

If the Group approves the Committee's recommendation and following examination by our mainline certification body, the boiler is deemed to be fit for further service there will be much to do before we are return the loco to service so it is important that we get the boiler ready for inspection as quickly as possible. Your assistance on the 22nd and subsequent working parties, would therefore be most appreciated.