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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Yesterday at Grosmont was grey and cool first thing, but got milder later on with even a touch of sun. During the morning, Bill Dobson, Ian Pearson, Jon Bradley and myself gathered at Deviation Shed. First thing, Bill washed up all the dirty pots, some with cultures growing in them.Not a lot to do early on, so it was cups of tea all round and a gossip for a while. We found out from the shed staff that the Q6, which was on its way from Pickering with the teak set, was to be swapped with the Standard tank so that attention could be given to the repair of the L/H front valve cover and both piston packings which were leaking steam quite badly.

So we had an early lunch, and when the Q6 arrived on the pit outside Deviation Shed, we set about removing the valve cover and two oil pipes.

This took ages due to the fact it was very hot and the difficulties in finding the right size sockets. Ours turned out to be either AF or Metric, so we borrowed a 7/8 Whitworth  socket from  Andrew Jeffery. Our ratchet had also gone missing, so we borrowed one from William Parrish.

We do have some old box spanners which do fit, but they were awkward to use due to the limited access to get at the nuts. Eventually the cover was removed with a rope attached to the cover, supported by Bill above on front of the locomotive, then lowered to the ground. We found the copper sealing ring had broken. The cover was cleaned up pending NDT testing which was to be done today (Thursday).

Both sets of piston packings are to be replaced. The L/H side was dismantled by Bill to see if any of our old packings would do but they were too small. Owain was going to machine replacements from old BR standard packings today.  Barney gave us an assurance that both jobs - piston packing and valve cover - will be repaired by Friday afternoon and that the Q6 will be available for its booked turn on the LNERCA special train on Saturday.

Away from the Q6, Jon fitted two jubilee clips on the J27's steam brake lagging to make a more secure job.