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Report of the Committee meeting held 10h September2018


Present: Bill Dobson, Colin Foxton, Nigel Hall, Chris Lawson, Martin Lloyd, Roy Marshall and Richard Pearson.

1. Apologies for Absence – John Hunt, Paul Hutchinson and Richard Wheeler had apologised in advance. The Chairman raised the matter of John Hunt’s 6th consecutive absence from the meetings as required by paragraph 56(g) of the Articles of Association. He pointed out that John’s absence from the August meeting had been occasioned by a car breakdown, but he had otherwise intended to be present. John had confirmed his willingness to continue as a Trustee. The meeting determined unanimously (including input in writing from Paul Hutchinson) that John should continue as a Trustee and he would be advised of this decision. Action: Chairman

2. Declarations of Interest – Richard Pearson declared an interest as an employee of NRM Locomotion Shildon.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting – The minutes of the 13 August meeting were agreed and signed off by the Chairman.

4. Matters Arising Not Covered Elsewhere

4.1 The Chairman observed that Richard Wheeler had agreed to provide a Financial report for the October News. Action: Secretary to correct Actions List.

4.2 It was agreed that membership of MSLOA would be allowed to lapse. Action: Treasurer.

5. Finance

5.1 The Monthly Finance Report had been circulated by the Treasurer. The Chairman confirmed that all had read the report and that there were no questions. The following points were noted:

5.1.1 Some £5700 was awaited from the Wensleydale Railway. The Wensleydale would pay NYMR directly for the boiler washout and two broken springs.

5.1.2 A third J27 locomotive spring had broken, so the last spare had been used. Two new tender springs were due for delivery and NYMR had agreed to pay for one of these.

5.2 Movement in funds – it was agreed that operational costs would continue to be split pro-rata across each locomotive. Action: Treasurer.

5.3 The inclusion of £30K for the J72 and £25K for the K1 in locomotive repairs in the 2nd half of 2019 was questioned. These were to be amended to £10K and £5K respectively in the financial projection for the K1 three-year extension. Action: Colin Foxton.

5.4 A budget for 2019 was requested and would be provided for the October Committee meeting by the Treasurer. Action: Treasurer.

5.5 There would be no further action in respect of the investment with the Charity Bank for the present.

6. K1 Repair, Open Meeting and SGM

6.1 Colin Foxton had circulated a new document incorporating comments from Chris Lawson. The wording of the motion was agreed and all present voted in favour of the motion.

6.2 The supporting information needed to show that £50K was needed for the boiler and £25K for mechanical work, including painting. Since this was not an overhaul, a livery ballot was not required. It would be useful to be able to show the difference between costs to return the locomotive to the main line, as opposed to those to return it to use on a heritage line and to show “break points” in the plan of work. It was noted that Dave Pennock, who had significant project management experience, had offered to help in planning. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

6.3 The V2 tender was discussed, in terms of how useful it might be as the basis for a new K1 tender. It was felt that the disposal of the tender should be considered.

6.4 The wisdom of buying in spares and other materials in advance to save on rising costs was discussed. Locomotive Caretakers were asked to identify and advise on what should be purchased. Action: Locomotive Caretakers (Chairman to contact Fred Ramshaw).

6.5 A statement from our CME should be included in the SGM Background note and it would be an advantage to have him present at the SGM. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

6.6 An amended version of the SGM Background note would be produced for any final comments. Action Colin Foxton. It was essential that responses be returned quickly to allow the mailshot to provide sufficient notice for the Open Meeting and the SGM. Action: All.

6.7 The venue for the SGM was to be confirmed. Action: Chairman. The mailshot would propose an agenda for the Open Meeting, but invite topics from members too.

6.8 The subject of inviting multiple quotes for the K1 repairs was discussed. It was agreed that, for reasons discussed at the July meeting, the decision to use WCRC, without seeking other estimates, was justified.

6.9 Location of the K1 and future deployment was considered. It was acknowledged that it was required to run at the NYMR and should be brought back there at the end of the 2019 Jacobite season, subject to any unforeseen circumstances. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

6.10 There was discussion of what could be done to better advertise the Group when the K1 was in Scotland. Use of social media should be considered as part of the Communications and Consultation Strategy. Tom Noble would be invited to a future meeting to aid this discussion. Action: Secretary.

6.11 It was agreed and confirmed that it remains Group policy that no direct employees be involved in our activities.

6.12 Ted Parker’s comments on the K1 situation were discussed. Action: Chairman to draft a reply.

7. Locomotive Update

7.1 Q6 – The locomotive had passed its steam test and was hoped to have run 200 miles before the weekend. Barney Casey had volunteered to accompany the Q6 to the SVR, so it was agreed that unless problems occurred, the locomotive would go to the SVR, as arranged. NYMR and the boiler inspector had agreed that the boiler lift could be deferred this winter, so it would be available for the Santa Specials. In respect of Maurice Burns’ concerns about the copper welding, Bill Dobson confirmed that the necessary paperwork was being completed by Mark O’Brien in retrospect and a reply would be drafted for Maurice. Action: Bill Dobson and Chairman. The Fundraising Sub Committee was to apply to the Ken Hoole Trust for a grant to contribute to the change of livery for the Centenary Year. The Sub Committee had made a number of suggestions for events in the Centenary Year, which would be circulated Action: Chairman.

7.2 J27 – The locomotive had returned from the Wensleydale Railway and would now undergo its 28-day boiler washout. A three-way meeting was to be arranged between NYMR, WR and ourselves, including Fred Ramshaw, to have a post-event review to consider what went well and what did not. Action: Chairman.

7.3 J72 – Nigel Hall was trying to get a plan of next steps, including the removal of the longitudinal stays and lifting the frames to remove the wheelsets, agreed with Fred Ramshaw. Action: Nigel Hall.

7.4 Locomotive Hire – A request had been received from the Mid Norfolk Railway to hire the J27 in Summer 2019. It was felt that there would be likely competition for work at NYMR with too many locomotives available to be regularly rostered. A meeting with NYMR was to be arranged in late October, taking account of Richard Pearson’s availability. Action: Chairman.

8. Any Other Business.

8.1 An upper quadrant distant and a home signal arm were stored in Deviation Shed. One of the NYMR staff had expressed an interest. It was agreed that they should be disposed of for the best possible price, Action: Chairman.

8.2 Martin Lloyd queried the need for comments from the Fundraising Sub Committee in respect of the K1 overhaul proposals. He felt that this was solely a matter for the Committee. It was generally felt, however, that these had added value to the debate.

8.3 Nigel Hall raised concerns about the Hopetown Risk Assessment, which had been reviewed in the light of the NRM York visit. Bryan Orange would be invited to a future Committee Meeting to discuss Health and Safety matters. Action: Secretary.

Date of Next Meeting – 8 October 2018

The meeting closed at 10.05pm.

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