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Thursday 1st November 2018


An attendance of 20 today including Bryan Orange and 3 juniors, plus John Crabtree a new starter who has worked on Strathspey Railway in past.

Much of the morning was taken up with Martin Lloyd and Andy’s first aid (mainly CPR) course. We had to split into 2 sessions as the mess room capacity was limited. This led to some second session attendees champing for their morning tea. The course was very worthwhile. Thanks Martin and Andy.

Steve and Harry got the cross heads split and the pistons extracted. The rings are jammed in the grooves. Not known whether they were like that in service.

Tim and Roy cleaned up all of the axle box bits and placed them in the appropriate bowls. The underkeeps have been removed and are in a plastic sack. The oil trays held a lot of water. One tray (RD?) has a crack/repair which should be examined. Tim brought the 2 spare springs plus the NELPG tools from Leeming. John and Arthur got on with preparing the ends for dye penetration testing.

John Crabtree continued with the preparation of the cab roof. Dave and Derek continued to brush down the boiler, Colin Smith and Allan painted first gloss onto some of the K1 components whilst Colin Bowman continued cleaning the loco frames.

Trevor Wolford came in the morning to do his Dick van Dyke thing with the fire. He showed us the quarantined chains and requested that BV tested and advised. Mid-afternoon we had the company of Terry Newman and Steve Hyman, followed a little later by a party of about 5 visitors who came to look around.

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