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Saturday 10th November 2018


Another satisfactory week on the K1 last week. Three of us worked Thursday and Friday and four on Saturday.

The de-scaling of the areas to be subject to ultrasonic examination was completed, all boiler fitting mounting boss studs requiring replacement were removed and the holes tapped and the remaining studs die nutted. All cladding mounting bosses were tapped after removing a number of sheared mounting bolts and two the bosses normally attached to the RH expansion bracket were welded back in to place after they had decided to come adrift.

The remaining elements were removed, this also required the removal the ejector exhaust ring/petticoat. Cleaning of all of the elements has been completed ahead of examination and hydraulic testing.

In the meantime the repainting of the K1 parts at Hopetown continues to progress well.

This week there will be working parties at Carnforth on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The ultrasonic examination is booked for Thursday and we will also continue cleaning the outer wrapper/barrel and examine and hydraulic the elements. If time permits we will continue removing the small tubes and perhaps make a start on removing the side stays that are to be replaced

A little further ahead we will have to give the rest of the loco and tender some attention - while there is not a lot to do on the mechanical side this winter it will be nice to get it out of the way before the boiler goes back onto the frames in January. We also intend to paint the loco frames and wheels this winter, a job which is likely to account for most of the man (or women) hours spent on the bottom end.