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Thursday 8th November 2018


Another good week.

Not a lot done on Monday night as Martin and Andy held their first aid session with the Monday regulars. Arthur and John continued with the springs. Neal provided more advice. I got a bit more paint on some K1 bits. We were visited by Paul who has borrowed a couple of needle guns to clean up the K1 boiler.

Today we had a good turnout again. Harry and Steve managed to extract the rings which were jammed in the piston grooves; then for an encore managed to remove the slide valves. John and Tim worked their way through brass bits, dealing with the gauge valves. Roy Colin and Hugh continued cleaning the loco, Derek continued with the boiler. The machinists were all busy whilst Colin and myself managed to paint a few things and Allan finished off the brass around the K1 windows.

The parts washer was bailed out into waste paraffin drums. On inspection we appear to have lost the work shelf. The device has a current PAT label. However, when I touched the on/off switch it disintegrated. I wonder if it is worth renovating this device. It should NOT be used in its present condition.

We had a visit from John Midcalf who has handed me the kit for the social meeting tomorrow. He’s participating in the velocipede gala on NYMR and may not be able to return to Darlington early enough to set up for the meeting. However, the expected visit of Ian Storey didn’t occur; the K1 lubricator linkage is still on the bench.

We are approaching the point where we have dismantled as much as we can. Much of the future work will depend upon the result of inspections which need to take place soon. However, there is work which just requires us to work through servicing components which we have removed, and making them ready for reassembly.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.