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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 17th November 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018


Steady progress on the K1 this week with 3 of us on Wednesday and Thursday and 6 on Saturday.

Wednesday was spent largely on preparing for the NDT exam on Thursday plus thickness testing the elements (found to be ok) and die nutting and cleaning the element 'T' bolts.

Thursday was dominated by the NDT of the outer wrapper. The examination took most of the day. The exam revealed no problems that we can not deal with (subject to insurance company approval). A good result overall which means that the work to obtain the mainline extension can continue. When the NDT exam had been completed we managed to clean and protect the safety valve and whistle bosses and die nut their studs and continued with de-scaling the outer wrapper and barrel.

On Saturday we started the removal of the remaining tubes, fitted new back head fitting mounting studs where needed, removed the piston valves, removed the rings from the valves and cleaned all of the valve gland components. Unfortunately we only made slow progress with the tube removal (we only got 22 out) but, hopefully we will get better at it this week.

There will be working parties on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week when we will look to make better progress with the tube removal, prepare the side stays to be changed for removal, finish de-scaling the outer wrapper and barrel, hydraulic the supetheater elements (subject to West Coast's pump and pump engine (Rolly) being available) remove the LH back valve cover (so that the back liner can be honed) and make a start on cleaning the loco frames.