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Thursday 29th November 2018


On Monday Neal Woods spent some time with a micrometer measuring various things, and explaining to myself, Steve Hyman and Andy Lowes and Arthur what needed doing next. Andy Lowes cleaned one K1 piston valves. Arthur continued with his production line on the lathe.

Today Mark O’Brien, NYMR boilersmith, arrived and undertook an initial examination of the boiler. Roy Marshall took notes. A report will be produced in due course.

Mark brought the NYMR universal tyre gauges. James Pearcy and Tim Williamson measured the profiles and used the ultrasonic thickness gauge to measure tyre depth. Good news I understand.

The chairman came, initially to meet Tim Gardom from the interpretation plan consultants TGAC. TGAC are working for the Tees Valley Combined Authority’s Railway Heritage Masterplan project.

Steve Hyman called in to drop off a roll of valve packing. Derek Shorton and Dave Wright continued with the decarboning of the K1 piston valves. Tim continued servicing the brass bits. After lunch, Chris, Roy and Colin Smith continued the cleaning of the frames and wheels. Dave Wright is making wooden slippers for the valves side valves to protect them from harm. I continued preparing the woodwork of the cab roof for varnishing.

The machinists have been busy again and have completely filled the swarf bin. Maurice has finished turning the various pins for axle boxes. Arthur has a production line running producing K1 superheater cups. There a big hexagonal bar from M-Machine to be turned into K1 crown stay nuts. Tim has taken one good lathe drive belt from the large lathe in order to see if he can obtain three of the same size from a source at Leeming Bar. As that lathe will not be usable until Tim returnes next Thursday, Arthur and John are going to attempt to drain and clear the lathe’s sump on Monday evening.

We are out of gritty soap downstairs. Dave is going to attempt to obtain some from ARCO on Portrack lane. Monday night people may have to go home with dirty hands or find the soap upstairs.

Good progress, but with no spectacular changes to be seen. Well done folks.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.