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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 8th December 2018

Saturday 8th December 2018


Not a bad week on the K1 at Carnforth. Three of us there on Wednesday and Thursday and five on Saturday.

While we were there it hardly stopped raining so we concentrated on the loco frames which are under cover. The leading wheelset is now ready to come out, all of the sand pipes have been removed (and are to be dropped off at Hopetown for repainting) the cylinder cladding mounting bolt holes have all been tapped and replacement helicoils fitted where needed, the cylinder cladding has been trimmed to make it a better fit and the honing work required to the LH back valve liner has been started and just about completed. The fit of the hornstay bolts on the leading couple axle have also been checked. Two of them needed reaming through, one has been done so far and replacement bolts of the correct size fitting.

Between the "showers" on Saturday we also managed to make a start on the repair work to the ashpan (which is outside). The new steel required for this has now been ordered and will hopefully be ready for collection tomorrow.

Away from Carnforth cleaning of one of the piston valves had been completed and the manufacture of the new conical washers for the elements is progressing.