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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 15th Decenbere 2018

Saturday 15th Decenbere 2018


Another satisfactory week at Carnforth last week. 3 of us there on Wednesday and Thursday and 4 on Saturday.

The loco went over the wheel drops on Wednesday morning to allow the leading coupled wheelset to be removed. Various dimensions were checked with the axleboxes still on the wheelset, following which they were removed, stripped down, further measurements taken and the condition of the white metal checked.

While the wear in the crowns is not significant there is some fracturing of the white metal adjacent to the thrusts. In addition both boss faces require building up to reduce lateral movement. In the circumstances the white metal will be replaced on both boxes. The work required has been budgeted for and should be completed by the middle of January.

Following removal of the axleboxes, the wheelset has been thoroughly cleaned and a good start made on rubbing down for repainting.

On the frames reaming the horn stay bolt holes needing attention is essentially complete. The replacement bolts should be ready for trial fitting this week. Work has also continued on the ashpan with some of the replacement plate work now tacked into place.

During the week West Coast started removing stays from the firebox which meant that washing the boiler out had to wait until Saturday - a lovely job to do in the freezing wind and rain but it had to be done.

This coming week there will be working parties on Wednesday and Thursday (morning only) and Saturday. Work will continue with the ashpan and prep/painting the leading coupled wheelset and frames.