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Saturday 22nd December 2018


Another satisfactory week on the K1 at Carnforth. Only two of us there on Wednesday and Thursday mornings but three on Wednesday afternoon and five on Saturday.

The leading coupled wheelset is now in its first coat of gloss, more cleaning of the frames has been undertaken in preparation for painting (the loco brake blocks have also been removed to give better access to the frames for this purpose) a small weld repair has been carried out to the LH cylinder cladding, the atomisers have had new mixing jets fitted and further progress has been made with the ash pan repair.

During the week West Coast have almost completed the side stay removal. The 69 stays should be replaced early in the new year.

Away from Carnforth preparing and painting the sand pipes is progressing, Arthur has finished the new conical washers and Neil Smedley has ordered the new glass of the cab front windows.

This week there will only be one working party at Carnforth. This will be on Friday 28th Dec. We will however need to step up to regular 4 day working parties early in the new year. In the first week we will, however, stick to the Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday routine.

If you are willing and able to help on any of the above mentioned days I would be grateful if you would let me know by text on 07964988551. It would be good to see some "new" faces in the new year and we do need the extra help.

As this is the last weekly report I will do this year I would like to thank anyone who has worked for the Group in any capacity during 2018 and in particular, as K1 caretaker, many thanks to anyone who has worked on the K1.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2019 to you all.