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Saturday 5th January 2019


Hi and Happy New Year to you all.

Not a bad few days on the K1 since my last report. The LH side of the frames have largely been prepared for painting. We had to take more of the frames back to bare metal than anticipated but these areas have now received several coats of filler primer and are now just about ready for undercoat. There will however be a slight delay in applying this as we have found a number of loose rivets to the front stretcher plate and spring hanger brackets which will need to be replaced before painting can progress. There are also some loose rivets on the rear stretcher plate to replace but we already knew about these.

Further cleaning has been done to the RH side of the frames and the stretcher plates and spring hanger rivets checked - only one to change on the RH as opposed to a total of 12 on the LH. The leading coupled wheelset has also been prepared for its second coat of gloss.

The last of the new hornstay bolts have been satisfactorily trial fitted and the RH back sand pipe which had sheared at the flange has been repaired, trial fitted/adjusted and dropped off at Hopetown for painting.

Good progress has been made with the ashpan, the whistle has been serviced and reassembled and the last of the valve rings have been cleaned. In addition West Coast have now started to fit the new side stays.

While we are getting quite a lot done we do need to step up the pace if the engine is to be ready for this season's planned work. We will now be working 4 days a week at Carnforth until the job is done. This week there will be working parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. As usual the company car should be available for anyone wanting to attend from the Teesside/Darlington area.