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Thursday 20th December 2018


Another report which says slow but steady progress with the J72.

Today, Arthur opened up as my vehicles needed MOT, and after I had delivered them I had to get on my bike. As I passed the phone it rang. “Is that St Tereasa’s Care Home?” Humm, I know that the workforce is aging, but …

Arthur has completed the K1 superheater cups. These are now on the goods out pallet; Arthur asks “Who should I invoice?” Steve Johnson stripped the paint from 2 of the K1 sand pipes today in readiness for repair and repainting.

The spring hanger pivots cleaned and dye penetration tested by Tim Williamson. As they were all OK, Neal took them all to M-Machine on Monday for reaming and bushing.

The valve buckles have been cleaned and are ready for dye penetration testing. The connecting rods and eccentric rods had paint stripped from their ends in preparation for NDT today.

The studs for cylinder/valve cover were found and inserted. This week Tim cleaned up the area , ran a tap down the three holes where studs had been removed and through all the nuts. However, we re-discovered that we haven’t got a 7/8” BSW die nut. Re-discovered in that memories of doing this job 3 years ago were jogged. Arthur managed to turn an old worn sand pipe securing nut from the scrap under the work bench to hold a plain die, Tim managed to use the hexagonal end of this to run the die down all of the studs. Well done Arthur, you’re a star. However we really ought to obtain a proper 7/8” BSW die nut.

Andy Bell and Steve Gibson came to the conclusion that the jaws do not engage properly into the chuck of the new valve seat cutter. Steve is took the kit to Carnforth on Saturday to compare with Johnny’s cutters. Opinion seems to be that the jaw thread is different to that in the chuck . The kit has been returned for Neal Woods to look at. Andy is proposing turning special purpose cutter holder in order to make progress with his valve seats.

Steve Gibson has now completed work on the 2 injectors. He, John Crabtree, Tim and Steve Johnson are now well on with the servicing of the brass bits.

Special thanks to Allan Wilson, Dave Wright and Colin Smith who have continued the thankless task of cleaning the loco frames and wheels. The end looks in sight now.

The internal cab roof has now had 3 coats of varnish. It can harden over the festive season. The residual fitting have been removed from the cab’s internal walls in readiness for rubbing down and painting in the new year.

Richard Pearson visited last Thursday in his new role with the A1/P2 organisation.

We were not so indulgent as the Grosmont folks. We gathered by the fire were for tea and mince pies (both Thursdays).


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.