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Thursday 10th January 2019


A good turnout at Darlington, with progress on a number of fronts for the J72 and parts for the K1.

On the machines side of the workshop, Arthur Jenkins was investigating the Colchester lathe "self act" fault, while John Jones cut up hexagonal bar up for the manufacture of 1.5" bsf spring hanger nuts. Maurice Bell made a number of J72 T-piece pins.

Allan Wilson continued cleaning between the J72 frames. James Pearcey cleaned one of the J72 injector pipes - it's now gleaming copper.

Dave Wright and Derek Shorten continued de-carbonising the K1 piston valves. Dave kept us supplied with hot tea on what felt like a fairly cold day in the workshop. Andy Bell (amongst other work), Dave and Derek kept the stove supplied with freshly chopped wood.

Steve Gibson was busy making parts for the K1 ashpan. I went to M-Machine to order some steel bar for the JV Workshop training and then got on with stripping paint from one of the K1 sandpipes.

Colin Bowman came in and started some early Spring cleaning! Thanks to Colin and Dave there are no fungi in the cups or the mess room.

Richard Pearson returned the rail-mounted trolley from the A1 Trust next door.

Helen from M-Machine delivered the steel bar ordered earlier and a number of solid steel cylinders, which are the blanks to be machined into new spring hangers.

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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.