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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 12th January 2019

Saturday 12th January 2019


We worked 4 days at Carnforth last week, with 10 of us there on Sunday! On the wheels/frames we progressed with the painting of the LH side of the frames, put a second cost of gloss on the leading coupled wheel set, removed the RH back valve cover to improve access to the frames for painting, removed the split pins from the brake hanger brackets to improve access for cleaning and painting, needle gunned the LH cylinder and removed both vacuum reservoir tanks for cleaning, examination and painting (one of them is now in undercoat).

Further progress was made with the refurbishment of the ash pan which has now been turned over so that we can access the hoppers and doors. The front of the tender has been needle gunned in readiness for repair and painting and on the boiler the foundation ring has been cleared of debris, including the removal of the old stays.

Ian Story called in to Carnforth on Thursday and dropped of the refurbished mechanical lubricator drive linkage (many thanks Ian). The linkage is now at Hopetown for repainting.

West Coast completed fitting the 69 new stays yesterday and 14 wasted steel rivets on the door plate/lower sides lap have been removed and tapped for fitting of replacement patch screws.

Away from Carnforth a replacement steam valve/pilot valve has been fitted to the graduable steam brake and at Hopetown further cleaning has been carried out to the valves and the painting of the sand pipes has progressed.