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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 16th January 2019

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Ian Pearson reports a cool overcast morning with the odd shower at Grosmont yesterday with Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Steve Hyman, Ian McCall, Roy Marshall, Dave Donegan, Jon Bradley, Nigel Hall, Derek Shorten and Ian himself - a good turnout! When Ian P arrived at Deviation Shed, Martin Ashburner informed him that there was a smell of gas coming from our propane bottle. He got Ian McCall to check this out: Ian M put some liquid soap around the fittings and found a leak between the regulator and the propane bottle connection. The regulator was disconnected for inspection and found to be defective, with two small slight grooves on the cone fitting . After consultation with Mark O' Brien, a new propane regulator and a new propane nozzle were obtained from the MPD stores by Ian P. The nozzle had been condemned by Trevor Wilford last Saturday. The regulator expiry date is 2022. Ian M fitted the Regulator and nozzle and it is now working satisfactorily with no leaks.

After all that it was tea all round, with the stove burning nicely and some fresh new packets of biscuits to munch at - Trevor please note! Out in the yard, the steam crane was in action with Piglet driving and Barney and Nick supervising the lift of the S15 boiler, first fitting the ashpan, then, later in the afternoon, the boiler into the frames (see photo). Back in Deviation Shed the crosshead splitting gear was brought up from the MPD by Steve. All the small cotters and nuts were removed from both crossheads, then the task of removing the crosshead cotter (the big one) was started. The left hand cotter was tackled first, but it was a struggle until Nick Proctor, a volunteer at the MPD, came in and, with his suggestion of a long bar and a big hammer, that cotter was finally removed. Roy was employed all day cleaning the frames ready for Nigel Hall to paint.

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed around the stove - at least for some. As there was a working party of 10, a couple had to sit on the bench at the top of the shed where it was a lot colder. After lunch, it was clear that the crosshead splitter would not fit in with the con rod in situ. So this had to be taken down and laid on the floor, and then the crosshead was split and the left hand back cover was removed for skimming. Then it was round to the right hand side, where the loco was moved slightly to get the rods in the right position and a start was made in dismantling the crosshead with the removal of the gudgeon pin. Efforts to then remove the large crosshead cotter with a long solid round bar and a big hammer were unsuccessful - it would not move. It is a bad angle to get a straight hit at the cotter and blame was laid on the design - 'Bloody Raven!'. Some device will need to be designed to sit on the end of the cotter so a better hit can be made.

Bill and some of the others started to dismantle the right hand con rod: this will be completed next time. Other jobs done were the removal of the shut off valves from the gauge frames by NB and IM . DS continued to brew tea wash up and clean mud hole doors. NH continued prepping the tender for painting.

The J27 at the moment is sat outside the running shed on No 5 road road waiting for its wash out (see photo).

Please note the next working party will, unusually, be on FRIDAY 18 January.