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Thursday 17th January 2019


In my absence at Grosmont in the snow, Arthur writes:

At Hopetown today:- John Jones, Tim Williamson, Andy Bell, Roy Marshall, Derek Shorten, Dave Wright, Paul Mason, Allan Wilson, Hugh Pannell & myself.

I continued with the tee piece pins in the Harrison lathe - 3 finished now, 3 to do.
John Jones finished cutting the nut blanks which was made quicker when Steve Hyman brought the new saw blades - thanks Nigel.

Tim Williamson & Andy Bell removed the rear draw hook then continued working with the other lads cleaning the hooks & rods.

Roy Marshall cleaned up the rear draw hook bar.
Derek Shorten & Dave Wright cleaned up both the con rods.
Paul Mason cleaned up the front draw hook.
Allan Wilson, Dave Wright, Derek Shorten & Hugh Pannell cleaned the coupling rods after the removal of the gradient pins.

All the draw hooks, con rods & coupling rods have had the paint removed and cleaned down to bare metal. They probably just need a wash down with paraffin now. Neal can check out mon night. (Wipe them with de-watering oil afterwards to prevent rusting. On shelf in the store. – NFH)

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