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Satrurday19th January 2019


4 satisfactory days on the K1 last week. 3 of us there on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

Most of our time was spent on preparing/painting the frames and the two vacuum tanks removed last week plus further progress with the ash pan and cleaning between the frames. We also finished needle gunning the LH cylinder, gapped the LH piston packings and removed most of the rivets that are to be replaced from the top stretcher on the LH side. We will remove the spring hanger bracket rivets that are to be replaced this week.

West Coast have now completed the re-metaling and machining work to the leading coupled axleboxes one of them was "blued in" yesterday. The other one is likely to be done this week (if it hasn't been done today). The leading wheelset will therefore be ready to go back in very shortly but it will have to wait until the loose rivets in the leading wheel set area of the frames have been replaced (should be this week) and the frames have been painted.

On the boiler, West Coast started caulking the new stay heads over (until the compressor broke down) the 14 patch screws replacing the wasted door plate rivets have been fitted and the weld repairs to the throat plate bosses have been completed by the coaded welder. The remaining weld repairs should be done this week.

The new boiler tubes arrived today and while they will not start going in for a week or so there is plenty of preparation work to be getting on with.