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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 2nd February 2019

Saturday 2nd February 2019


Not the best 4 days on the K1's at Carnforth last week despite there being 11 of us there on Saturday (only 3 of us on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday though).

Whilst we did not achieve everything as planned, we still managed to gap the RH piston packings (the LH being done a couple of weeks ago) shim and refit both cross heads, refit both sets of piston packings, clean the cab area and refit the repainted vacuum tank, carry out further cleaning between the frames, de-scale the and prime the brackets for the vacuum tank from between the frames, dress/prep the leading coupled axle hornstay bolts for refitting, progress the ash pan refurbishment, progress the preparation of both tube plates for fitting the new small tubes, apply the first coat of gloss to the LH side of the frames and RH as far back as the driving wheel set and continue preparing the RH driving and trailing coupled wheels and adjacent frames for repainting.

The plan had been to get the second and final coat of gloss on to the frames but as the temperature hardly got above freezing this was not possible. We also ran out of time to finish preparing the tube plates - this now has to be done in the next few days as fitting the small tubes must start this coming week.

The weld repairs to the boiler have now been NDT'd and found to be free from defect. The flues and steam pipes have also been thickness tested. While the flue s are fine the steam pipes are too thin for further service and will therefore be replaced (this has been budgeted for).

West Coast have now finished caulking the new stays and loose running plate rivets.

Progress on the various bits at Hopetown has been reported elsewhere so I will not repeat it here.