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Saturday 9th February 2019


Slow but steady progress on the K1 at Carnforth last week. Only 1 in attendance on Tuesday and 3 for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We managed to finish preparing the tube plates for fitting the small tubes and following John Graham's final pre tubing exam on Thursday, West Coast started fitting the new tubes on Friday. I had hoped that we could do much of the retubing work but I am having to leave this job entirely to West Coast owing to our poor mid week attendances.

We also managed to get the second coat of gloss on to LH side of the frames and part of the RH but unfortunately some of this will need to be done again as the paint went curiously lumpy towards the end of the job. Progress was however made with preparing the back half of the RH frames and the vac tank from between the frames has been glossed along with its brackets.

The new cones for the drivers side injector have now been fitted and further progress has been made with the ash pan. The ash pan job, done almost exclusively by Steve Gibson, is now nearing completion.

In addition to starting the retubing, West Coast are currently completing the repairs around the top mud hole doors.

Away from Carnforth Neil Smedley has completed the refurbishment of the front cab windows - they look great. Just hope we can get the rest of the engine to the same standard. Refurbishment of the graduable steam brake valve and diaphragm case has also been completed.

This week there will be working parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are currently behind programme. It is not too late to pull it back without paying others to do work we can do ourselves provided our mid week attendances improve.