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Home About NELPG Committee Reports Report of Board Meeting held 14th January 2019

Report of Board Meeting held 14th January 2019


NELPG 2019/01

Minutes of the meeting of NELPG Ltd
7.30 pm, 14 January 2019
Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Centre

Present: Colin Foxton (Chair), Bill Dobson, Paul Hutchinson, Martin Lloyd, Roy Marshall and Richard Wheeler.

1. Apologies for Absence –Nigel Hall, John Hunt, Chris Lawson and Richard Pearson had offered their apologies in advance.

2. Declarations of Interest – There were no declarations of interest.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting – The minutes of the 10 December meeting were agreed, signed off by the Chairman and authorised for publication on the website.

4. Matters Arising Not Covered Elsewhere

4.1 Nigel Hall’s IT Update was noted – action was required by several Board members – help was available to implement the email approach.

4.2 Martin Lloyd circulated a quote for the PPE, as discussed at the December meeting. The numbers in the quote were confirmed and Martin was authorised to place the order.

4.3 The Secretary reported that there had been no comments on the latest round of ICE proposals. He therefore requested agreement to proceed. In particular: to spend c £250.00 on ICE holders; to publish the ICE procedure and the H&S Policy on the website and to introduce revised application forms and new notices and signing on sheets at Hopetown. Agreement was confirmed. Action: Secretary – implement revised ICE arrangements.

4.4 The Board discussed a personal matter which is recorded in a confidential annex.

5. Finance

5.1 The Monthly Finance Report and Movement in Funds had been circulated by the Treasurer. The following points were noted:

5.1.1 The accounts balance within £5.00.

5.1.2 A confirmed figure for Gift Aid for 2017 (probably some £5K - £6K – Dave Pennock to supply shortly) would contribute toward a small surplus in the year.

5.1.3 This might be further improved if monies from insurance in respect of K1 operating losses were forthcoming. A report had been submitted to the Loss Adjustor.

5.1.4 A grant from the Ken Hoole Trust was to be made to contribute to the Q6 repaint.

5.1.5 The Treasurer asked whether the scaffolding tower purchased for the K1 should be capitalised. However, it was concluded that the sum expended and that for the crane were insufficient to make it worthwhile.

6. Locomotive Update

6.1 Long Term Strategy – Bill Dobson suggested that an analysis of the age profile of working volunteers would usefully inform the Strategy. Action: Secretary to discuss with Nigel Hall.

6.2 K1 –The repair work was almost on time, though the fracturing of the doubling plates around the bosses was unexpected – weld repairs to these were scheduled for 18 January. There were also more loose rivets in the frames than expected, but this would be inexpensive to repair and would not affect timescales. The Secretary asked about the tyre thickness – it was confirmed that there was enough “meat” on the tyres to last for the 3 projected years. The Carnforth wheel lathe was not working currently, but if it was not repaired in time, the K1 tyres could be turned next Winter. A quote for new tyres had been obtained. The acceptable differential between pony truck, drivers and tender wheels meant that a full set would be required (probable £60K – to be confirmed; fitting and transport to/from SDR had cost £14,550 last time for the Q6). Colin Foxton observed that the Rand was low at present, so it was a good time to buy.

6.3 Support Coach – A vacuum brake exam was to be carried out. Although an air brake exam was also due, limited use of the air brake had led to a suggestion that the maintenance schedule could be legitimately revised and the air brake exam could then be deferred. The K1 Caretaker suggested that the K1 and Support Coach could be used with the WCRC stock, when it returned from Scotland – the itinerary potentially being Carlisle to Whitby and return. This would be considered and met with Board support in principle.

6.4 Q6 –At a late stage, NYMR had requested the Q6 for Half-Term workings. This had some impact on painting plans. The Centenary livery was not planned to be seen in service before 1 May. Cold exams and steam tests for both Q6 and J27 were scheduled for 25 January and 12 February respectively. Bill Dobson proposed an independent survey of the paperwork for the Crewe welding, to resolve residual uncertainty. The CME would be involved.

6.5 J72 –Work continued on cleaning the frames and removed components. Replacement parts were being produced in Hopetown. The Secretary regretted that he did not have an update on the examination of the boiler.

6.6 J27 – A limited programme of Winter maintenance had been agreed. It was suggested that the locomotive was required as Half-Term standby by NYMR. Invoices for 1 locomotive and 1 tender spring had been accepted. Drawings for replacement Ross Pop safety valves had not yet been identified and the Q6 spare was to be used.

6.7 Locomotive Hire – It could not be assumed that the Wensleydale Railway would want to hire the J27 in 2019. Paul Hutchinson said that a request from the East Lancashire Railway was probable.

7. Health and Safety

7.1 Bryan Orange’s update was noted.

7.2 A meeting was planned between Bryan, Martin Lloyd and Richard Jackson in week commencing 21 January.

7.3 Bryan also planned a further meeting at York with Chris Lawson, Dave Pennock and Roy Marshall. James Pearcy had offered to provide input on safety and competence issues in the use of machines, based on methods at his place of work.

7.4 PTS Update – Martin Lloyd had arranged PTS courses on 19 January, 13 February and 9 March.

7.5 It was noted that NYMR H&S procedures applied at Deviation Shed.

8. Trustees Annual Report and AGM Supplement

8.1 The Secretary set out the expected approach for the TAR and Accounts, which would follow FRS102, as previously. The Secretary proposed to retain the same (logical) sequence as last year.

8.2 The AGM Supplement would also follow the format used last year and would include: Agenda, including any Motions; minutes of 2018 AGM and SGM; TAR for 2018; reports by the principal officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer (as a separate agenda item with the accounts), Membership Secretary, JV Organiser and Finance Committee (formerly Fundraising Sub Committee) Chairman); notes to any Motions; note on Election of Trustees; note on the appointment of an Independent Examiner of the Accounts.

8.3 Information would be solicited from the: Webmaster; Archivist; Social Meetings Organiser; Hopetown Open Days Organiser; Deviation Shed Caretaker; and from the New Working Member Liaison Coordinator, rather than separate reports from each. The information obtained would be used to inform the TAR, in an enhanced section on the year’s activities, as last year. Action: Secretary to prepare a draft of the TAR, involving the other identified officers, for the February Board meeting.

8.4 The accounts would again be presented in an abbreviated form, with a full version available on request.

Paul Hutchinson had to leave the meeting at this point – 21.04.

9. Any Other Business

9.1 The Treasurer reported that 2 sets of documents sent out by the Co-op Bank had gone to the Group registered address by mistake and, having been redirected, one set of material had failed to arrive. A replacement was on its way. In the meantime, the Membership Secretary had a backlog of cheques for membership renewals. The Charity (deposit) Bank account was being set up – the Treasurer would again require Trustees’ details to complete the process. Credit ratings would be investigated by the bank.

9.2 It was hoped that the Kashflow accounting software would be implemented shortly.

9.3 A general review of outstanding actions removed many that had been cleared or overtaken by events.

Date of Next Meeting – 11 February 2019

The meeting closed at 9.40pm.


Signed (Chairman) Date