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Saturday 16th February 2019


Reasonable progress on the K1's at Carnforth last week given the poor turn out for the week day working parties. 2 of us on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday but one ill so effectively only 1, 2 on Friday but 8 on Saturday.

As we arrived on Wednesday, West Coast had just reunited the leading wheel set with the frames. This meant that we could complete the refitting by replacing the hornstays and springs inc all securing. Other work included stripping down, cleaning and lapping in both safety valves ready for insurance co inspection, cleaning all mud hole doors and door openings ready for inspection, cleaning and tapping where necessary all washout plug holes, removing the dome cover (so that the regulator can be removed and the 'J' pipe blanked off ahead of the hydraulic test) applying the first coat of gloss to the driving and trailing coupled wheels on the loco's LHS, more cleaning between the frames, trial fitting the back head cladding following the repair work already carried out and to identify further improvement/repair work, painting of various brackets, further preparation and priming of the tender front and further preparation of the RHS of the frames.

The refurbishment of the ash pan progressed to a point where the door linkage could be trial fitted and the operation of the doors satisfactorily tested.

West Coast completed fitting the new tubes early in the week and are now well on with expanding. They also had all of the patch screws for the top mud hole doors doubling plate repair in place by the end of the week. The tubing and repair work should be completed this week.

Owing to a severe back log of urgent work at home there will only be working parties on 3 days this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our boiler insurance inspector is coming to examine the boiler on Thursday, following which we should be able to box the boiler up for our initial hydraulic test. It is also crucial that we progress the painting of the frames which should ideally be completed before we refit the side rods and motion. A good turn out on all days would therefore be very much appreciated.