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Thursday 21st February 2019


Fifteen of the usual suspects signed in; but we were also joined during the day by Les Coughtrey and a visit from Steve Hyman.

Arthur and John got the main door open, dust supressing curtains in place, compressor in action and started needle gunning the boiler inside of the boiler barrel. There was even more noise from certain people complaining about the noise. We gave up needle gunning and will come in again on Monday to progress this. Arthur and John retreated to the lathe and continued with the spring hanger nuts.

Colin Smith and Allan Wilson continued cleaning the frames around the motion. I stripped off spots of paint from the frame side of the tanks in preparation for thickness testing – looks like measles. My afternoon was spent applying another undercoat to the cab interior. Tim Williamson cleaned up the other coupling for NDT, then stripped the paint from the eccentric straps for NDT. Harry Sams fitted the blastpipe to the saddle to check the fit with the new studs and managed to grind the flanging from the brake blocks. Paul Mason ran the die nut down the studs in the back head bosses, though he feels having done so that most of these studs ought to be replaced. Andy Bell lapped in the non-return valves in the globe lubricators and with James Piercy managed to dye penetration test the RHS horn stays. Derek Shorton managed to saw much of the new firewood into lengths which will fit into the stove.

Steve Gibson polished out the marks from the radii of the LHS big end crank pin. The RHS radii were polished but there is a lot of water damage to the journal which could not be removed with emery cloth. Both journals have been re-greased.

Les Coughtrey arrived mid-morning after another appointment and continued working through the NDT list. Roy Marshall joined us later, though had a number of “secretary” things to do and people to see. He remarked that vegetation seemed to be springing into life again outside and that it may be time to tame the jungle again.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.