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Saturday 2nd March 2019


A pretty good week on the K1 at Carnforth last week. 3 of us there on Tuesday and Wednesday and 5 each day on Thursday and Saturday.

The priority for the week was to get the boiler boxed up and hydraulic tested. This was achieved and witnessed by our insurance company and John Graham (as independent examiner).

Other work included continuing with painting the frames and tender front, refitting the mechanical lubricator linkage, the back valve covers and combination levers and continuing with the refurbishment of the ashpan. Other than drilling the fixing holes in the new top flange the ash pan is now ready for trial trial fitting.

In addition to their involvement in the hydraulic, West Coast have carried out repairs to some of the cladding sheets this week. This was work that I had hoped that we would undertake but, unfortunately we just don't have the time.

Now that the hydraulic has been successfully completed the boiler will be turned on to it's side (scheduled for Wednesday this week week). This will enable the ash pan to be trial fitted and give easier access to the header, for preparation prior to to refitting the elements, and for replacement of a number of roof stay nuts.

While we had a good week last week we are still well behind schedule.